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Latching with Big Breasts and Early Feeding Schedules

So, it's been awhile since I've last breastfed (DD 2 is 5) and my newest LO is a whole different game for me. At 3 days old we're still running into a couple of snags that the sooner we can work them out the happier we'll both be. First is latching. I'm a big breasted woman with large nipples and LO 3 has some awe inspiring suction power. The combo leads to little more than my nipple being latched onto and very sore, bruised nipple to follow each feeding. If I can get her to latch onto more area than she usually does, it's not as painful, but my eager eater rarely has the patience to work with this. Any suggestions on how to make latching easier on both of us here?

Second question, LO started out a big baby at 10.2 and needs to eat a lot. We've done some on demand nursing and she's usually pretty good about feeding for 30-45 minutes every 2 hours during the day. But at night, she consistently falls asleep in half the time despite diaper cganges, etc mid feeding session. This results in her waking 30 to 60 minutes later to finish her meal. We're battling some extra weight loss and jaundice due to a positive Coombs test so it's very important to me that she gets the nutrition she needs. Amy suggestions on how to get her nightie feeding habits to match her daytime ones? Thanks.

Re: Latching with Big Breasts and Early Feeding Schedules

  • I was going to pretty much say the above. I have small breasts with big nipples and it took DDs a good 2-3 weeks to really learn to latch. If you haven't seen an LC since leaving the hospital maybe meet with one.

    And if your baby is 3 days old I think the feeding schedule is right. If she got 15 mins in I'd say that's a good session. They will stretch out soon! But I'm of the do whatever baby needs/wants at the very beginning mindset.
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  • I'm big breasted as well and it took about a month to really get things working for us. My LO has a tiny mouth as well. We still have issues and have to relatch a few times each feeding but it just takes time and patience or so I'm learning.
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  • I had similar issues due to big breasts and nipples. Three things that helped me:

     The LC at the hospital said don't settle for a sub par latch. Unlatch until you get a good one and eventually the baby will realize for instant gratification he or she needs to open his or her mouth wide. I am almost 2 weeks in and I believe this has worked for me. I still have to unlatch at times but it is less frequently.

    You mention your baby gets frustrated which I also understand, but I found during those times my son would often give me a really wide mouth as he started to a wail. I  got some of my best latches that way.

    Lastly, and this for some reason was hardest for me to do since I was fighting his hands as well, but make sure you bring the baby to the boob and not the boob to the baby. Thank goodness my husband watched some nursing videos after seeing me struggle with latching because I completely forgot the LC mentioned this in the hospital!

    All of that being said, this is my first baby so I am no expert. Good luck!
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