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help me please. drank at 5 weeks pregnant and scared

Okay so last weekend I went on my bachelorette party and obviously had some drinks. I had no clue that I was pregnant at the time. My period was only a few days late but I never really had regular periods. They always fluctuated a day or two and I just chalked it up to stress dealing with the wedding. After it didn't come for a few days I decided to take a test and it was positive. I've had no symptoms what so ever and still don't but now I'm worried that I caused harm over the weekend I went out.

Re: help me please. drank at 5 weeks pregnant and scared

  • A lot of people drink before they know they are pregnant. Try not to worry about it, there's nothing you can do about it now, just relax and make sure you don't do it again.
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  • You're fine. Take a deep breath. Relax. Don't drink going forward (or per your ob's recommendations).
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  • You will be fine. You're not the first and you won't be the last. Judt don't do it anymore
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  • This eases my mind!!! I had basically quit drinking when my husband and I started trying, but I went a little crazy on New Year's Eve. I JUST found out that I'm pregnant and worried about my drinking, but I feel better knowing that hopefully there will be no damage.

    Congrats, OP, on your pregnancy and your upcoming wedding!
  • There will be no damage.  You're fine. 
  • There will be no damage.  You're fine. 

    ^^this. Deep breaths. You're fine.

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  • I had two strong drinks at 10 dpo (after getting a BFN that morning). I got my BFP yesterday on 11 dpo. I worry about everything, but honestly I'm not worried about this. The alcohol is well out of my system by now, and I am still pregnant. And as a PP mentioned, the placenta hasn't formed yet. I would take a deep breath and try not to worry. 
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  • Congrats momma!

    No worries. In the safe list on this app they say an occasional glass is safe. Studies say a glass here and there for special occasions are okay too.

    2 of my friends also binge drank really early before they knew. One being my best friend who just had a beautiful baby boy 4 weeks ago. The other friend had a healthy baby girl 2 years ago.

    Take a deep breath. Your concern tells me you're already thinking like a real momma. So just try to take it easy and take care of you and baby.
  • My aunt didn't know she was pregnant with her son until she was five months along! During that time, she drank daily and smoked (at least a pack a day) and my cousin came out just fine. She had a reason to be concerned - you don't!

    The important thing is that you stopped when you found out. Congrats on your pregnancy!
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  • Holy cow! I screwed up so much the first few weeks I was pregnant.

    I had such a good run of partying the first 3-4 weeks I was pregnant. I look back and fondly remember a night of sitting around and drinking with my dad, the last glass of red wine with a girlfriend and my last HOT bath. Found out I was pregnant and that was the end of that. Instead of worrying about that I am focusing on how well I was taking care of myself at that time - eating well, exercising, sleeping well.

    You will be fine. Promise.  

  • At 5 weeks pregnant, the placenta has not formed yet. The fetus is not yet getting its nutrients directly from you, but getting them from the yolk. Over the next few weeks the placenta will form and take over giving the baby nutrients as the yolk is used up.

    Congratulations on your pregnancy! First thing to do is get yourself a book and do some reading so you'll know when to freak out and when not to, and save yourself a lot of stress. Good luck!



    Since baby is getting everything through the yolk sac and not the placenta the chance of the drinking causing a huge problem is slim. Just don't continue and take lots of deep breaths.


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  • Thank you ladies. I'm feeling a little better now. It's just scary at 5-6 weeks because it's really starting to develop and I just hope I didn't damage anything. But there's nothing I can do now except finish planning the wedding and now onto planning for the baby :)
  • I went on a wine tour at around 4-5 weeks (before my BFP) - baby was not planned (happy surprise). I was also stressed but both my dr and mw told me not to worry and baby will not have been harmed. Everything looking healthy now at 12 and a bit weeks. Hope this reassures you.
  • I usually don't drink much but when I was pregnant with my first child in 2012 ( I was 6 to weeks preg but had no idea I was) I went to a party and drank, then had craving for stake and drank a few beers with it. On top of that I got a chemical peel on my back and went to universal studios and got in all the rides. Then I found out at 8 weeks that I was pregnant and was so scare that I had hurt my baby with out knowing I was pregnant. After that did my best to take good care of my pregnancy and my daughter was born a healthy ,7 lbs 5 oz baby! I hope my story helps you.
  • I drank at 4 weeks before I knew and so far so good. One of my friends told me something that was kinda helpful, she said you had a few drinks before you knew, you'll be fine because some women find out and keep drinking and they end up fine lol (she's a nurse and has seen it all!)
  • With all three of my pregnancies I got drunk before I found out I was pregnant. My two boys are fine (pregnant with the third). It Will Be fine
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  • This thread really reassured me! I just spent the weekend partying at friends wedding, then found out Monday I was pregnant (4 1/2 weeks, 5 as of 7/22/15)!  I've tried to relax, but read articles that made me think I really hurt the baby and will cause it to have birth defects.  I'm happy to know I'm not alone and everything was/is fine!

    Thank you ladies!
  • Congrats on ur pregnancy glad u r feeling relief! Best wishes
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