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Pain Relief Alternatives

I found out this week that my platelets, due to a preexisting condition, are too low to have an epidural as an option. I knew this was likely to happen and was reassured repeatedly that there were plenty of alternative options for me.

I did some research and it seems like all I'm finding are narcotic solutions or other drugs to be administered into the spine. The spine can't be safely accessed with my platelet level and every narcotic I've ever taken has made me hallucinate and have some pretty crazy reactions. I definitely don't want to find out what I'm like on narcotics and in labor.

The utopian scenario for me would be a water birth at the hospital, but apparently once my water breaks the tub is off limits due to risk of infection.

I know women have babies without intervention all the time, but does anyone have some resources I can look up to read about some natural alternatives or, at the very least, some non-narcotic pain relief options? Just wanting to have at least a basic understanding of my choices before the big day. Due Feb 13.

Re: Pain Relief Alternatives

  • Quoting myself from another thread. There are a host of options. Your health care provider should be able to give you a hard copy.

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  • Thanks everyone! Between this and another thread that was posted I think I have some really good info! Talking to my OB tomorrow to develop a plan.
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