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OBGYN Recommendations for Doylestown/Bucks County

My husband and I are looking for an OBGYN who delivers at Doylestown Hospital, but don't have many friends who can refer us to someone in our area.  Most people we know are recommending doctors in Bryn Mawr or on the Main Line.  Does anyone recommend an OBGYN in the Doylestown, Chalfont, Horsham area? 

Re: OBGYN Recommendations for Doylestown/Bucks County

  • I go to Dinesen and associates. I love the 2 doctors but not the nurse practioner. I've heard good things about the women's center near the bypass
  • Yes! I heard not so great things about his assistant, but I'm not sure if that alone is worth going with someone else. I'll look into the woman's center too. Thanks!
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  • I go to Dinesen as well and Dr. Ware delivered my son. The PA is fine. She comes across a little reserved but was great on the phone when I was in labor at home in the middle of the night. She calmed me and called the hospital for me so We could concentrate on getting ready to go.
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