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Hello Ladies!

My names Kate, I'm from the part of the country currently being destroyed by blizzard15; and I'm joining your board! DH and I are the parents to two handsome boys ages 1 and 3! We are in the midst of thinking about having baby number 3 (and not because we want a girl, I am fine the Jill Taylor of New England...minus the whole tool time thing) I love horrible 90's music and tv shows and am a Disney girl at heart. I'm also a Boston Terrier fanatic and have two of them at home as well. Anyway, now that you all know a bit about me, so now I'm not this new crazy contributor to the board! Any other ladies here crazy enough to be going for baby number 3?

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  • Welcome!  DH and I are 2-and-through although we debated the 3rd for a long time.  I wanted 3 and he didn't, so 2 it was.  But I don't think it's crazy to go for 3!
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  • When are you due? That's exciting, your other kids must be excited as well
  • ! That's so exciting! I hope she comes sooner than later for you, the last few weeks are misery! Please let me know how your kiddos take to her, I'm sure they will love her!
  • Hi---I have not posted here in a while but I have baby fever off and on, and when we decide to go for it, it will be for baby #3.  I already have a daughter she just turned 10 and a son that is 2, but I would like to have 1-2 more.  But for the 3rd I would not mind having another girl just in case it is our last.  My son is kind of a handful, but i love him so much he brightens my day minus the terrible two thing.  My daughter and I have a great relationship but she is getting older and I would like to have another little daughter to bond with her like that. But to try or to not try that is the question!  And i have no idea what the answer is, but good luck to you!
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