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3rd Trimester

How's your baby moving?

This was always an issue with my first. No matter what I did, she wouldn't move and we had multiple trips to the hospital to make sure everything was okay, which it always was. Even during her non stress tests she wouldn't move, and now she is a super heavy sleeper.
But this little nugget has been very active in early AM and late PM for the last 6 weeks or so. But Yesterday I just started to worry (Which is par for the course with me) Not really moving in the morning but lots of movement late at night. Again this morning not much movement, a ton around lunch but now late at night, even after my frozen treat (Which always makes her dance)  - nothing. Just wondering how everyone else is doing.
I don't want to over react, I've felt her multiple times today, but at different than usual times and not as often. I'm 33.5 weeks. Everything has been so great with this pregnancy I don't want to start imagining worries now!

Re: How's your baby moving?

  • I'm 36 week and my little nugget has been changing his pattern. The way I see it as long as he's moving I feel fine. Doesn't matter the time. I know soon he'll run out of room and wont move as much. Just try not to worry to much.
  • My DD was active alittle throughout the day. The last week or so it's just little twinges and kicks/movements mostly in the evening.
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  • Baby is probably starting to run out of room. Bring it up with your doctor, it's even worth calling them to talk about it.
    Decreased movement can be a sign of impending labor.
  • Babies have lazy days just like we do, so what you are describing is not unusual. Talk to your doctor about kick counts. how to do then and when. My little LO has obvious sleep/wake cycles and anytime she deviates I worry. But overall she reacts to extreme changes in temperature like hot tea or ice cold water, then I lay down, start the timer, and count movements. My doctor recommends 10 movements in 2 hours. But I only do the kick counts if I have not felt her move in a while. It is hard not to worry, good luck!
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  • My baby seems to have changed her routine up the last week or so. She would always be busiest in the evening, about when I was going to bed but now mid-morning she does her aerobics.  I am hoping that's a sign she will sleep better at night if she's busier during the day.   Are you doing your kick counts?  At my doctors office they told me to choose the baby's most active time and count kicks for an hour.  If I don't get 10 movements, I am supposed to try for another hour and if there's still not much I am supposed to call or go in to double check things.
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  • Thanks everyone. My first had like ZERO movement. So feeling anything with this bean is new to me! 
  • She moves all day, most between 9-10 at night. But I've felt her since 14 weeks and she hasn't stopped since. But she has her days I don't feel her but soon as I say that she's all up kickin my ribs and pokin my cervix
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