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WARNING, POSSIBLE TRIGGER: Mattress cover, off-gassing, SIDS?

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WARNING: May be a trigger or upsetting for some.  Please be respectful in your responses as we don't know what stories others may have.


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Intro: I AP'd all my kiddos.  DD was very into co-sleeping and room sharing.  DS found it way, way too stimulating and would become intensely distressed, so he sleeps in a crib.  Little DD loves bed-sharing again and now DS has started sharing our room again and seeking out early morning cuddles in bed, which is wonderful. 

I'm asking here because I think AP parents try to be very conscious about healthy choices for their children, and are willing to question the status quo.  I've never heard of this issue until this week, so it certainly isn't in mainstream.

I'm curious to hear your thoughts on the research about mattress off-gassing/toxins and using a high-quality, food-grade mattress cover. For those unfamiliar, google the New Zealand studies on cot death.  I don't feel like promoting the links, but it is pretty easy to find the information that is out there.

The reason I ask is that they say crib mattresses used a for a second baby have higher rates of these gasses/toxins because of the build-up of fungus.  We purchased a new "Green Certified" mattress for DS and I know that DD2 will be in there at some point, even if is just for naps or as a safe place while we are showering, etc.  "Green Certified" does not mean organic, or free from the chemicals used in making mattresses fire-retardant.  I aired it well long before DS got here, and keep him on cotton sheets with a cotton pad under.  None of what I have done prevents the inhalation of the gasses the studies discuss.  Because of this, I purchased one of the high-quality covers. I feel like there is merit in the arguments.  

I know some of you may not have a crib at all, but thought some might (since we know AP isn't about one specific way or another, but doing what you and your baby feel best about and meets your collective needs).  Some may have floor beds for babies, too. I would appreciate hearing your opinions on the study, the use of mattress wraps, etc.  

Also, I know I could go the all-organic mattress route, but it is $300 here, and I'm hesitant to go that route if the covers work just as well (as the studies seem to indicate).

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Re: WARNING, POSSIBLE TRIGGER: Mattress cover, off-gassing, SIDS?

  • Personally, I'm fairly stoic about exposure to chemicals for my kids.  I try to minimize exposure to overt dangers, but I'm pretty realistic about the fact that we live in a world filled with things we can't exactly control.  I'm comfortable with that.  I don't think this topic is as controversial as you expect it to be.  Everyone has to decide on their level of comfort with environmental stuff and their willingness to take preventive actions around their homes.

    I think the question you want to ask yourself is "Which route will make me feel more comfortable and allow me to put the fear of chemical exposure behind me?"  If the mattress cover will allow you to move forward with confidence, then go that route.  If you feel like you'll constantly be re-thinking that decision and wishing you'd just gone with the organic mattress, then go with the organic mattress right from the start and save yourself the anxiety.
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  • I'm honestly not worried at all about this.

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  • For us, mattresses are a worthy 'splurge' area in terms of green living. We can't afford everything we'd like to, but this is an area that we prioritize because of the amount of time we spend on it. Now, on our guest futon that we barely use, we jut got a cover (I went with wool for a variety of reasons). But, for our own beds we've spent the big bucks for the greenest we could find gradually. We started with crib, then family bed, then one crib-size floor bed. Next will be two twin-sized mattresses  as our kids get bigger, but we haven't been ready to pony up for those yet.  That said, every family has different priorities and a different budget. Go with what works for you.
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