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Parents watching baby

I go back to work on 2/23 and my parents insisted on watching my 4 month old for the remainder of the school year. He still isn't STTN and depending on the type of sleep he gets, he doesn't wake up at the same time, making his feedings and naps different most days. I feel awful leaving them to fend for themselves but LO is a strong minded little one and isn't cooperating with my attempts to regulate. Anyone in a similar situation?

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  • E wasn't on a set schedule until almost a year, and I'm sure C will be the same way.  We do have a routine, but times vary depending on when she wakes up for the morning and how her naps go.  My approach is to read queues and just go with the flow, rather than stick to a set schedule at this age.  Our nanny tracks bottles (time and oz) and nap sleep and awake times.  She has been with us full time for a month, and already knows C's routine.  To get started, I would just start tracking what time he wakes up each morning, and when he starts showing signs for being tired, and what those signs are.  You'll probably notice you're on more of a routine than you think - everything may vary by 30-60 min or more.  Hope this helps.
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  • I would wake your baby up at the same time each day regardless of how the night went and start with a morning feed to help him get on a schedule. I have to wake my baby every morning at 7 to get our day started and then she typically eats every 3 hours from there. Hope that helps!

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  • My parents watch my LO and we wake up around five everyday and it has put him on a bit of a schedule. Even if his last feed was four, I'll still feed him at five. My mother has done a wonderful job picking up his cues and figuring out a schedule for him.
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  • We are in the same boat so it's good to hear from those who wake to feed at a given time. Makes sense! I haven't tried it but what I have done is follow the pattern of "baby should be awake for +/- 1.5hrs max before sleeping again. So I tell my husband and sitter to follow that pattern vs. a specific time. Because sometimes his nap is 30 minutes and the next day the same nap is 3 hrs. This site and article really helped me figure out how long he should be awake and I just try to follow his cues with this pattern
  • @barbiedoesbaby‌ Do you put your LO down at 6? If so, when is usual wake up? Ours has been going down at 830 and up by 7 but seems tired before bed and when he wakes up. Our issue is he isn't getting enough ounces during the day.
  • @Jillashed‌ - he was going down about 7 but lately it's been a catnap at 7/7:30 if at all then down for good at 8:15/8:30. He's definitely tired closer to 6 but fights it. But he'll do 8:30 to about 7:20 like your LO with a feed at 11.
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