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3rd Trimester

Posted in Error and do not know how to delete...sorry

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So, I just realized how dumb this sounds...if he wants to come early, he will come.  If I have to be induced, hopefully I can avoid having a C-section.  Please ignore this post - idk how to delete it.


I am getting worried about preterm labor (high BP, over 35, overweight, 33W4D now) and am curious if preterm labor automatically requires a Cesarean, or if vaginal delivery is a viable option.


I have been told that everything is good to go for TOL per my last ultrasound, but am curious if LO wants to join us early, if he will be cut out or travel out?


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    I had a preemie and had a vaginal delivery. Depending on how early and why you're in labor is really what decides if you have a Csection. But at your stage you *should* have a vaginal birth if you go early.

    It's not a stupid question, although I will say worrying about it is more stress than you need. Just make sure your hospital bag is packed and ready to go and everything will be ok. I didn't have shit ready, we had to go buy everything (literally everything, not a fun way to drop 2grand) two weeks after DS was born. We didn't even have a car seat. Everything will be ok if LO is early, just make sure you have your bag ready, you can get whatever else you don't have done ready after LO is here.
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