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water breaking question???

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How will I know if my water breaks? The last few days I have been slowly losing my mucus plug so I have been wearing the thin panty liners... when my water breaks will it go threw my paniy linner? Sorry. But I have no. Idea what

Re: water breaking question???

  • I had a slow leak and then eventually the gush at the hospital. If your water "really" breaks as opposed to the leak you will know it! If it's a leak they can test to be sure that's what it is. If it's the gush a panty liner isn't going to do the job.
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    I had the pop and gush experience, which is unmistakable because it's more fluid than my heaviest period. The fluid was also clear but tinged with a pale pink and had no odor, so it was obviously not pee. I read that with other women it's more like a continuous/frequent trickling that you can't hold in like you could hold in pee, so if in doubt you can always just go to the hospital and have it tested. Also, water breaking doesn't necessarily happen at the start of labor. Many times water breaks after you've already been in labor for some time.
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  • mine was very dramatic. i felt a huge pop and then it was like a waterfall. there was no doubt in my mind as to what was happening.
  • Trust me, you will definitely exceed the bounds of a panty liner. After mine broke over the toilet at home I thought I was being smart by wearing a gigantic pad on the ride to the hospital. Yea, when I arrived it looked like I had full on peed my pants, and that was through a pad and after leaking some at home.
  • Mine broke at home right around the time I go to the bathroom in the morning so I thought I almost had an accident until the fluid kept coming and coming and coming...you'll know
  • My first was a pop then gush and at the time I thought "that was so obvious; how do people not realize when their water breaks!" But then my next was a slow leak, but I was still able to realize it pretty quickly. It felt like I was constantly peeing myself but it wouldn't stop coming and going so I went to the hospital. I wasn't sure until they tested me, but I still knew if that makes sense. So I vote that one way or another, you'll know. Even a slow leak is enough to soak panties fairly quickly.
  • I had a very slow leak that started in the early evening. It felt like I'd maybe peed myself a little. Not much came out after that. I didn't think much of it since everybody said it'd be a gush and like Niagara Falls. I started having contractions in the middle of the night. When I got to the hospital for them to test the fluid, it got heavier and my water had definitely broken. I would know this time around, but definitely was not enough to know with my first.

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  • How far along are you? Losing a mucus plug is not a sure sign of impending labor. The plug can be lost in early pregnancy and regenerate, or be lost weeks before delivery. 

    Most women's waters will not break until they are well into labor. Usually 4-6 cm but like everyone else said, it does happen and can be quite dramatic. So if you are out and about and worried about this, just wear a Depends or maxi pad. After it breaks you will need pads because you will continue to leak as your body replaces the fluid. Usually labor will start within 24 hours. As long as the fluid is clear and not brown or red or smells bad, no need to panic. Ask your doctor ahead of time what you should do though because they all have different protocols for how soon they want to see you if it breaks. In late pregnancy it is common to produce a lot of thin, watery cervical mucus and that can seem like a slow leak. Slow leaks are harder to detect so just call your doctor if you think this is happening. Urine and amniotic fluid come from two separate holes, so you should be able to tell if you are peeing yourself or not, but cervical mucus can trick you. Probably all of this worry is for nothing though, most people don't have their water break before they know they are in labor. 
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  • with both of my kids my water broke at home and I never went into labor and dialated on my own. I had to be induced both times.  It definitely wasn't a gush for me. More of a slow leak.

  • I think it's different for everyone, I was laying in bed and felt a slow trickle, so I got up and quickly went to the bathroom. I wasn't sure if it was just extra discharge, I didn't think I was peeing. But as soon as I went to sit on the toilet, it kind of popped and splashed on the floor. It wasn't a huge gush, it wasn't super obvious that it was water breaking. And it didn't continue to leak heavily at all like it does for some. When my step moms water broke (at home) she was soaking through pads and her clothes. when we got to the hospital, she was soaking theough the towel she was sitting on and there was a huge puddle on her wheelchair and spilling over onto the floor at the hospital. SO. MUCH. WATER!!
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  • Mine too broke when I was getting out of bed one morning. I at first thought I peed myself...but it felt to me like small gushes
  • I'll give a counter and say I was well into labor, at the hospital, had my epidural and they had to break my water both times. So it might not happen prior to even needing to be at the hospital.
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