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How Many Bottles?!

I'm just looking for suggestions on how many bottles and extra nipples I should buy before my LO arrives. And how many different size bottles/nipples? 
Baby will (hopefully) be both breastfed and bottle fed. 

Re: How Many Bottles?!

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  • I was gifted a starter pack for my last pregnancy. I think there were 2 5oz, 2 8oz and then 4 nipples. I agree with waiting to get any more though. I'd make sure your baby feeds well off a certain brand before investing too much money.
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  • Don't buy more than 1-2 at first.  We went through 5-6 brands before we found the one DD would take.  Luckily I had hand me down bottles and we would just go buy nipples.  We ended up using playtex ventaire, which had a million parts.  I never would have started with that.  Later we switched to Dr. Browns and love them.  But it took a while.  Definitely buy as you need!
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  • I would recommend trying with the starter packs. Not all bottles/nipples are alike and you may have to go through a ton before you find what works for your child.
  • We have 12 4-oz bottles and 9 8-oz bottles. But still have them in packages with receipts in case baby doesn't like them and we need to exchange for a different brand. I want to use glass bottles and our options are limited which is why I stocked up. It's probably too many, especially sine I hope to breast feed when I'm not at work, but I hate doing dishes.
  • mel7806 said:
    Is your baby just going to look at them and just say "nah, I'm not digging that style. pimp me more please"

    You have to take some out of the package and wash them, then USE them to figure that out.

    z OMGeee I totes thought I cold just rub the package over his head to figure out if he likes them or not. It never occured to me to open one or two and try it out.. Whoa you are like so totally effing smarrrrt! What would I do without your suggestion!?

    Actually, wait.  Just kidding.  What I really did was stock up on the brand and style I would prefer to use, opened one package to have ready to sterilize whenever it's time to try them out, and kept the rest in original packages with receipts in case the baby has issues feeding with this style and we need to return them and switch to a different nipple or bottle type.  Thanks for your advice though, as a pediatrician who works closely with lactation consultants on a daily basis to help newborns with feeding problems, I and the other women on this board may never have figured out that opening, washing, and trying out the bottles was necessary. You are truly a lifesaver and your advice astoundingly helpful!
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    That's way too many bottles particularly the 4 oz ones. Baby won't use the 4 oz for all that long so if you want 21 bottles exchange most of the 4 oz for 8 oz.
  • One bottle. That's all you need. It will cut down on dishes.
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