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I feel like an awful mother!!

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I am 3 days over due and I have become the most irritable person ever. I have 2 children (6 & 4) and I swear they have become attached to my side... So have my 2 dogs. Everything is driving me crazy. If I ask my kids to back off a little, they get upset, I feel bad for telling them to, but I am just so uncomfortable and i can't deal. Please tell me I am not that awful of a person.

Edited to add: it also doesn't help that everyone asks me on a daily basis if there is any progress... or if I have had the baby yet.. as if I wouldn't call them if I had the baby.

Re: I feel like an awful mother!!

  • Hang in there- your precious baby will be in your arms soon.  See if your SO can take the older kids out for a special treat (ice cream or a movie).  That way they get some special time together before baby arrives and you get a few minutes of quiet (maybe you could even get a last minute pedicure or massage).  

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  • I'm going through this exact same thing. My son (6) is a total mama's boy and sometimes it's really hard to handle him. I'm just so miserable now and no, it doesn't help that everyone constantly texts asking how I'm feeling or if there is any progress.

    Hang in there. It won't be long now.

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  • Emotions are contagious your children are feeling it I totally sympathize with you just try to do fun things with them like popcorn and a movie play board games you'll be out of this funk before you know it
  • I'm only 38 weeks and get so irritated when every other day people are calling to see if there is "any news" as if we wouldn't tell them. My response right now is "baby is not full term yet, so thankfully no..." but after this week I'll have to just say not yet. They are just excited I know. But it irritates me to think that when I get a call and am genuinely busy with something else people assume I am in labor. WTF? No, amazingly I have other stuff going on lol 

    Hang in there. Any day now you'll have a new addition and in a few weeks you will feel more at home in your body again. These last few weeks are a killer! And I don't even have other kids to care for so you are a saint in my book. 
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