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Working through tax season in my 3rd trimester..

This is my first time discussing my problems on any type of discussion board, ever! But I feel like I need to vent to open minds. I am now almost 29 weeks pregnant and tax season is literally right around the corner. Every day for the past few weeks I've found myself stressing out so much that at times I can feel the heat boiling in my head. As much as I keep reminding myself that 1. It's not good for me and 2. It's not good for baby, I can't help the recurring cycle of what I'm going through. I've been working for an accountant for almost 3 years now. I'm usually used to the pressures of tax season and the craziness that  it holds. But being pregnant through it all is a whole new ball game. My due date is April 10. And I can't imagine how things are going to get any better between now and then. And yes, I plan on working until the day I pop.

I think what stresses me out the most is the constant interferences. Whether it may be the phones ringing, coworkers interrupting, clients dropping by, or my boss' way of feeling like he needs to explain to me how to do my job every chance he can get (when I've done it hundreds of times without fail). The combination of hormones and stress has me on edge. I'm really good at handling my emotions, but let me tell you, it's a good thing people can't read my mind (because I've had a lot to say).

I love being pregnant. I just wish I had a job that would allow me to appreciate these last weeks as a mom-to-be. Instead, I'm just praying through each work day and trying to make sure I take time to myself (even if that means hiding in the bathroom just so I have a minute of silence). And please don't take this the wrong way, I have a great job and I work with great people, I'm just human and have my days. More now so then ever before.

On a brighter note, I've got a great husband and warm home to go to every day where I can relax and appreciate this time. Let's just hope I can get through the next 11 weeks without having a mental breakdown at work. Fingers crossed!

Re: Working through tax season in my 3rd trimester..

  • Good luck. As a fellow CPA and tax accountant I feel your pain. Luckily (?) for me my due date is 2/16 so I am going to miss out of the majority of busy season. Just keep doing what you are doing and you will get through it!

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  • Thanks for the encouraging words! And best of luck to you!
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