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Teething Gels?

Anyone using them?  My little guy cut the front 2 bottoms (not bad) but I think the front top is coming now and it seems to be bothering him more.  I've read about the benzocaine, but what about the Hyland's gel?  Feel bad for him but don't want to give him something I shouldn't either.



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Re: Teething Gels?

  • I used orejel before dr said no go. but if you look at amazon, there is Punkin Butt Teething oil. Seems to work pretty well! i used it for her last tooth!
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  • @keshupe29‌ Why did your doctor say no to Orajel? I just bought some last night.
  • @missilini‌ My pharmacist BFF said Orajel can cause seizures. She wouldn't use it for her boys so I won't use it for mine.
  • Good to know. What does she recommend?
  • We used Hyland's with DD and it worked better than anything else for us.
  • My friend told me about Hylands, but it has an FDA warning against it. So now I'm worried about that.
    Has anyone tried an Amber necklace?
  • I have a friend who swears by her daughter's Amber teething neckless, but science says that they don't work unless you factor in psychosomatic factors.

    Personally I won't use one because there no hard evidence of it working and I'd be worried about potential strangulation or choking hazards. That's just my opinion, so take it with a grain of salt.
  • missilini said:
    @keshupe29‌ Why did your doctor say no to Orajel? I just bought some last night.

    Late responder sorry!! She said it can effect them swallowing. Which makes sense if they are too numb.
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  • Orajel has benzocaine and hylands has belladonna which is a poisonous flower, a nurse recommends camilia teething medicine but I live in Jamaica and can't get it here. Funny thing is we ask two persons to buy overseas for us and they bought orajel and hylands instead so poor baby girl has to suffer thru fever, earache, rashes, lack of sleep, feeding strike and a whole lot of pain
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