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Maternity leave-Stay at home moms

I am actually deciding on staying home after the baby is born.

I learned that due to the fact that I was newly pregnant just prior to getting hired that I get unpaid 6 weeks of maternity leave at my job now. They also said I won't qualify for short term disability even though I technically will have met and surpassed the hours required to get it!!! I am so infuriated about it. But I also have not been treated well. I have been here since September 2014 and have already had 5 lunches missed because of no coverage, I work in a doctors office and they don't close for lunch hour...

I guess I am trying to see what some of you may have done or have found to help make up costs after going on maternity leave or staying home all together??

Anything like working from home or things of that nature?? Any help is much appreciated!!

Re: Maternity leave-Stay at home moms

  • Missing 5 lunches in 5 months doesn't seem like the end of the world to me, honestly. However, the choice is yours and you need to do what is best for you. 
    I plan on returning to work part time after 6 weeks off, and then to full time a few weeks after that. I do not know of any easy "make money at home" tricks, because if I did, I'd be doing them myself. 

  • Well the problem is that they won't even let me snack and I work 10 hour days. So sometimes I am lucky if I get anything in until I get home for dinner once i have gotten here...other wise I wouldn't really care if I had gotten a lunch. 
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  • I went back part-time after my first was born, perhaps something like that is available to you? Otherwise create a budget and see if your family could afford you not returning to work. Usually there are lots of ways to save money- cable, Internet, phones, meals out, coffee, going down to 1 car, etc.

  • Yeah that is a good idea! They do offer part time. I guess I just don't feel like I want to work for a company that doesn't respect their employees. I did work in child care for years. I thought about being a nanny again or day car because I could take my baby with me luckily! 
  • Yes I have each time it happens and no one here has done a thing not even HR. I do stand up for myself here. It's just a terrible company. It is also in the medical field and they care more about their reviews than they do the staff that helps build good status with patients. 

    Side note, I don't know a whole lot about INS and Short term disability, as I have never really had to worry about it before. Which would cause me to NOT know...
  • We're not allowed to snack at my job either, I had my DR write me a doctors note, if you take this route dont forget to have the doctor put a time frame like "x should eat every 3 hours."
  • With DD number 1 I was induced and took off 12 weeks. I had 2 weeks paid vacation and some paid leave to use up  that helped cover expenses while I was off. I'm grateful my husband was making enough for us to afford things while I was off. I came back to work 3 days a week and eventually went to FT when DD was a little older. With child 2 I will probably do the same. Just work with what you have. Everyone's situation is different. 

     If you are unable to take a lunch maybe you could try Protein shakes. You can drink can't you? If not then that's a bit much for a pregnant girlie. Bolthouse Chocolate Protein drinks rock.

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  • Thank you ladies! Yes luckily I can have protein drinks. I got a note at my 28 week check up yesterday :) So hopefully that helps the situation!!! But in Arizona they don't have to allow lunches I guess. Due to state laws, so fingers crossed! Even if it's 30 minutes, I'll take it ! 
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