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Now & Then

Let's see how far our LOs have come! Post a pic from when you LOs were brand new and one recent one. Can't wait to see all the cuteness!!!
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Re: Now & Then

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  • Dang these are some cute babies!
    @nessaalwayz‌ thanks so much! They took that one in the hospital. Your little girl is adorble - that hair!! Love it



  • Awww I love this idea. 2 weeks and 2 months

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  • Newborn and 5 weeks!
  • Nothing better than a cute baby thread! I'll add mine to the mix! 2 weeks and 10 weeks ❤️
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    N14 October Siggy Challenge: How I feel in the third trimester (especially when DH eats my pregnancy food)


  • @hjenni‌ that's a cute little outfit!
  • Love this thread & these cute babies! Olive at a few hours old, and 2 months (the 18th) they're getting big so fast!
  • 1 week and today. Time needs to SLOW down!
  • millm0m said:
    @hjenni‌ that's a cute little outfit!

    Thank you! DH works for Apple so we thought it was very fitting lol :-)
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    N14 October Siggy Challenge: How I feel in the third trimester (especially when DH eats my pregnancy food)


  • 1 day, 6 weeks :)
    October Challenge: How I feel about the 3rd trimester:

    Throwback: Hubby and I on our first date (Nov 2007), and then again on our wedding day (Nov 2012)


  • Love this!!!  All these babies are so cute and man some of them don't even seem like the same baby

    Here is Riley at a few hours old and yesterday 12 weeks.


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  • meeshybee said:

    Jpinky9 said:

    Awe such a good idea!

    The first one little A was 6 days old and the second one was from Saturday when we put him in his hockey jersey. :)

    Edit to add that the second pic was taken one day before he was 10 weeks!

    @Jpinky9 I couldn't let that Habs jersey go unanswered.

    2 days old and last week.

    Hahaha I can't say I like her jersey but she is super cute!! :)
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