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Spitting up entire bottle

For the last four days my 11 week old has been spitting up her entire bottle at least once a day.  She has been drinking the same formula since she was born and everything has been fine up until this point.  She was drinking 4-5 oz everything 3-4 hours.  I thought maybe she was drinking too much so now I only offer her a 4 oz bottle.  I burp her every 5 minutes and keep her upright for 20-30 minutes after finishing the bottle.  She seems fine otherwise, she doesn't have a fever, is smiling and kicking.  I'll be taking her to the doctor tomorrow but wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this with their baby and what the problem was?

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  • This sounds patronizing, and I swear to God I don't mean it to be. It may not be as much as you think it is. Likely not the whole bottle. Our ped showed me pictures of what looked like a lake of spit-up and then said "that's actually only about an ounce and a half of liquid." My second is a happy spitter. The kid spits up like mad. If the baby isn't uncomfortable, is gaining plenty of weight, and has no other symptoms, there's not much to do but wait until their little sphincter matures. Lordy, I cannot wait for that day! Also, at 8 mos, my son isn't supposed to have more than 32 oz of formula in a 24 hr period, so maybe it was a little too much? Strangely, DS spits up less if we feed him more but less often, which goes against all conventional wisdom.
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  • I've had similar experiences. My LO occasionally goes through phases where he'll frequently spit up but then he'll resume back to normal.
    I don't have much advice but just wanted to let you know I am dealing with that too. We also rotate nipple flow for each feeding and follow his cues.
    I just follow my intuition and as long as there isn't any red flags or he doesn't seem in pain.... We're just riding it out!
    (Pedi didn't seem to concerned... And told us we could revisit it later if we felt it was a problem).

    I also am supplenting and LO is on some solids- so we have more variables.
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