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I joined this a couple days ago and its just now letting me post. Is that a new thing from the overhaul or was it always like that?

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  • From what I understand, the delay in posting is so that people can learn how the boards work and the rules prior to jumping in and offending someone.  Some of the boards had their own unspoken rules that could cause undue hardship for new posters.
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  • Not really, I am not sure which boards you were using, but I saw first hand where depending on who posted what depended on the reaction to the highest users of that board.

    On our latest BMB, there was a lot of attacks going on.  One of the people that tended to lead the attacks at times later was created moderator after our initial moderator couldn't hand the BS that was happening and left the bump for a while.

    We also had the crazies follow people back to here and cause grief for us Dads who just want a place to discuss things without playing High School.

    We can agree to disagree, but when I had people attack me and MW over posts because it wasn't what the group think wanted to hear or someone was having a bad day, they needed to make changes.

    Finally, it seems about every 2 years or so they have to do this to keep things at least a little civil.
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  • Sounds like what my wife was telling me about. I'm not much interested in straying from this board, people seem pretty civil here
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    So what you're saying @Wulfgar is that theBump felt it necessary to implement a rule that forces new posters to follow the TOU (ie. Read the stickies, learn the lingo/etiquette before posting) in order to keep the integrity of that particular board's culture? That was always the rule. Now they just make you wait and pray the new poster actually pays attention. When if the noobs had done what was asked of them (ie learn the rules before posting) they would never have been attacked in the first place. I'm confused why the admins would then ban users for responding to posters who were not being compliant with the outlined process; respecting each board's unwritten rules. That suggests to me the existing users were punished for the new posters' mistakes. Someone tell me I'm wrong...Because if you can't provide some reasonable alternative explanation the TheBump is just feeding you some BS packaged as candy.

    You're wrong.
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    kevin327 said:
    Sounds like what my wife was telling me about. I'm not much interested in straying from this board, people seem pretty civil here

    Your wife is correct and so are you. We rarely have problems over here.
    While I'm waiting for my account to be deactivated... First, I'll admit to where I'm incorrect. The three day rule has been in effect for some time, to prevent trolls and such from just popping back up, etc. I'll own that one. But this exchange is exactly what you have said is the issue. I (not being fully aware of the rules) made an incorrect statement. But did you actually listen to my question asking for the evidence against? No, you simply disagreed with my assertion and said "your wrong". I think most people are looking for two things: 1) look and read before you post. Most of the answers are already there. 2) if you have an opinion back it up with some facts. If you have no justification for something, then don't feel upset when someone provides evidence against your view. It doesn't mean it's a personal attack every single time. They just have differing views and they might have done some research. I welcome differing views AND the rational for them. Keeping like company offers little room to grow. However, your response to me isn't even what I'm talking about @polooo27‌. My issue is not with any of you its that a resource was unjustly taken away. I've had good conversation, quality debate, and learned a great deal from the numerous people no longer here. Just because there has been no drama from guys or women on this particular board recently doesn't mean what's happened is justified. This is the idea that it doesn't matter who is persecuted, who is being targeted, etc. I am in no way saying this is on the scale of more egregious offenses throughout history, but it's the same mentality that one doesn't care who is targeted for their ideas/believes/religion as long as it's not you. You have every right to feel that way, But I also have the right to my position. I find "it's not my problem" to be very dismissive to the issue.

    I'm confused, did you or did you not want someone to tell you that you were wrong.
  • Also, it's "you're wrong"
  • Also, after actually reading the thread I agree with Wulfgar.
  • Also, I just ate an apple. It was good. You are what you eat, you know.
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