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NFL playoffs!!

Who are you rooting for?

For me, Green Bay (originally from the midwest, so if it can't be my Vikings, it might as well be GB) and Patriots (DH is from Boston)

P.S. Watching football makes me miss beer!
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Re: NFL playoffs!!

  • Agreed totally missing beer right now.... I am also a Vikings fan but hubby is a packer fan. So go pack go!
  • I'm also a Vikings fan! But my hubby is a colts fan, so we are rooting Colts!

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  • I think I'm rooting for a GB vs NE superbowl.

    I do not have anything nice to say about Pete Carroll, so I won't say anything at all.
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  • I'm more of a baseball fan but H is a huuuuuuge Green Bay fan so I'll go with that. In fact, this might have been the 1st purchase for our baby girl....
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  • Omg, Green Bay is dominating this game!
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  • They sure are and I am not a GB fan.
  • So sad JJ and my Texans missed the playoffs this year. Pretty sure it's going to be Green Bay and the Pats on Feb 1st. Hope GB takes it all, not a Brady fan at all.
  • I'm just here for the food (mmm Taco del Mar). But DH and fam are hawks fans, and I think this would be way better if I could sedate him before games.
  • Come on Patriots!! DH is originally from Rhode Island, so he's a true blue fan...

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  • We are from the Chicago area so huge Bears fans here (yes I know we sucked this year lol) so I'm rooting for the Seahawks to beat the packers.

    I'd like to see Seahawks vs colts in the Super Bowl!

    Oh and ditto on the missing the beer part!! Especially as DH is enjoying some next to me :/
    nicolec3[Deleted User]SabrinaM02
  • AndasKnitsAndasKnits member
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    Now I have no idea who to cheer for.

    Broncos last last week, Packers lose today. What the hell, guess I'll cheer for the Colts now
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  • Wow! Always love a good vocalist singing the National Anthem!!
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  • All I have to say is WHAT A GAME!! Not a Seahawks fan but as a Chicago fan seeing the Packers lose was amazing!
  • When they cut to the Colts player crying during the National Anthem...too many feels
  • kls6382kls6382 member
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    The end of that game was a total shock!! Seahawks were a totally different team for the last 10 minutes of play. Like, only 8 yards gain in the first half, and then they won?!? Couldn't believe it!

    Great game! Now, go Pats!
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  • Being from WI, GB fan all the way! I can't believe we lost that game! There was so much yelling at the party we were just at. Hoping the Seahawks win the Super Bowl as Wilson was a WI Badger!
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  • I live in WA so I'm a seahawks fan. That was an intense game!!! I can't believe it! So awesome!!!! Go Hawks!
    betawood88minaco77harperlyon[Deleted User]
  • This game has been awesome so far for DH Patriots! Gronkowski is pretty cute too.
  • We are well on the way to me not caring one single bit about this year's Super Bowl. >:P

    Same here
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