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When did you introduce bottle?

For those of you breastfeeding, when did you start introducing the bottle?  Also, did this help you sleep better?  Or did you still have to wake up in the middle of the night to pump?

Re: When did you introduce bottle?

  • At 1 month. But he only gets it 1 or 2 times a week when I have a glass if wine with dinner and he wants to nurse before 2 hours have gone by . I plan on going back to work part time mid Jan, so he needs the practice.
    I don't usually pump though (even though I heard you should) because I usually pump extra in the morning (nurse one side then pump the other). He will also nurse again around 10 or 11 pm, and wake up between 4 and 5.
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  • By 3 weeks with both.  I did not use bottles at night.  It is so much easier to nurse in the middle of the night than deal with a bottle.  And at that age you would most likely need to wake up and pump to replace that feeding.  

    I used bottles if I needed a break (doctor, haircut) or sometimes would bring along for one of the grandmothers to try giving a bottle.  Both of mine took a bottle well right away but about 2 months later had no interest in them.  
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  • The lactation consultant I saw recommended introducing the bottle once a week starting when LO was 2 weeks old so he would start getting used to it. He was BF well from the time he was born, so she said she didn't have big concerns about him experiencing issues with nipple confusion. I'm sure it's different for everyone depending on how your baby is doing with nursing, so I would recommend meeting with a LC if you have one available to you.

    It has not affected how much I get to sleep because I only use the bottle about once a week if I have to be away from LO or when it's just more convenient because we're out and about.  

  • We introduced at 5 weeks, just so DH could have some extra bonding and to make sure he would take it when I go back to work. I did pump during and have seen no change in his sleep pattern with or without the bottle.
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  • Has anyone found that introducing a bottle with breast milk has had an effect on nursing?  That's my main fear.  I love the bonding time that comes with nursing.
  • Has anyone found that introducing a bottle with breast milk has had an effect on nursing?  That's my main fear.  I love the bonding time that comes with nursing.
    It did not for me.  My kids took a bottle pretty well from about 3 weeks till not quite 3 months and then stopped taking a bottle completely.  They did not every have issues nursing.  My niece was the same.  
  • We introduced a bottle at 3 weeks just to get used to it. DH would do one MOTN feeding for me on weekends if I really needed sleep. But now that she's sleeping more I don't need him to. Now we only use bottles of im not with her. I go back to work in 2 weeks so I hope she continues to do well!
  • We introduced on night 3 with our night nurse. We still do one breastmilk bottle before bed that DH gives and she has no issues going back and forth.

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    We introduced at 3 weeks. I was going to do once a day but been having some bf issues so put that on hold. Lactation consultant suggested for now (until we resolve her latch issue) to give her at least an ounce by bottle every other day so she doesn't "forget" and refuse it later.

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  • We tried to give her a bottle at 3 weeks. She refused it very dramatically. After a few weeks of occasional attempts that were rejected violently I discovered that I have to much lactase in my milk and after a while it starts tasting soapy and gross. No wonder she refused. She decided bottles were awful and at about 8 weeks and many different brands of bottle she finally accepted Tommy tippee and Avent. We never did a bottle at night though. I didn't want anything to mess up my supply. Now I'm back at work for the past two weeks and she is eating a ton (16 weeks now) and I'm glad I didn't do anything that would make keeping up with her even harder.
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    At about 1 week with both kids. No issues with taking it, or having to try different brands, or nipple confusion, or refusing from me (mom). Why would it make me sleep better???
  • between 1-2 weeks. no problem with her latching after, but usually only once a day. most often in the am so i can sleep a little later while my husband is up w/ all the kids.

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