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CIO with check in's question

This probably belongs in the sleep thread but I wanted as many opinions as possible. For those of you who did the modified CIO or whatever it's called where you check in and comfort LO at 5 minute intervals (or whatever time lapse you pick) do you stick to the clock pretty closely? I ask because LO is currently in the midst of her 5am wake up and I'm trying CIO with 5 minute check ins but she seems to keep somewhat calming herself (but then getting worked up again) so I keep holding off on going in because it sometimes seem like
I work her up more by checking on her. But the last thing I want is her feeling like I abandoned her. Ugh. I hate it all.

@Kandreas1‌ what did you do when you were crib side? I remember you saying LO got worked up when you touched him too.

Re: CIO with check in's question

  • If she is settling down and check ins get her more upset, I would hold off on them.

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    I stuck with check ins as long as she was upset (did them more the first night), but if she was calming I would just wait and see instead of going by the clock. Edit: a lot of times I did check ins for myself more than for her I think.

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  • If she was full on bawling, I would stick to the intervals. If she was just doing that "I'm pissed and tired and just kind of ehhhh" closed eye crying on and off, most of the time, she could settle herself.
  • Perfect. Thank you everyone. I need to just trust myself but it's nice getting reassurance from all you ladies.
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  • We did every 5 minutes but I never left the room. I'd lay on the floor it sit in the chair. If he seemed to be settling I'd wait a few minutes to see if I should check or leave him be. When we checked we just replaced his soother (paci) and put his lamb back in his arm, sometimes maybe a little tummy rub but abything longer then s few seconds or any talking just prolonged the process. He is not dependent on his soother to stay asleep or anything so we are fine with him falling asleep with it (and he doesn't even want it all the time). Just listen and watch and you'll know if she needs a check or not
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  • I'm just curious if you all are doing CIO at bedtime when it's time for LO to go to sleep, or through the night when they wake up? I let DS cry (with check ins at 15min intervals) at bedtime. If he's screaming, I keep to the intervals, but like pp said, if it's just whimpering, I let it go for longer. But I'm wondering if it would be ok to do the same thing in the middle of the night? I'm soooo tired. If he's up only 3 times to eat, it's a good night. I'm BFing for the first time, and I just don't know if he really needs that much food.... -.-
  • @rovingminstrel‌ I started doing it only when I put her down for the night (she's small and pedi said she still needs night feelings), and at first it seemed to work. Gradually she started waking more and more frequently, so now I've started allowing her to eat at set times and cry back to sleep in between. Hoping for progress!

    first son stillborn 7/20/13 at 39 weeks due to Acute Fatty Liver of Pregnancy
    It's a girl! Baby Anna was born August 3, 2014!

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