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So after a couple months of not really admitting it I finally talked to my dr about being depressed. So she prescribed Zoloft and I've been taking it for the last week. Since I've been on it I've noticed feeling nauseous every day. Anyone else experiencing this? Does it go away once your body gets used to it?

Re: Zoloft

  • I wasn't nauseous, but I was told it's normal. It probably took me 4 weeks before the Zoloft fully kicked in... So try to stick with it... I feel great on the Zoloft, I've had no more mommy guilt.. I'm on 50mg.
  • I've been on it for a couple years for panic attacks-definitely takes a good month to settle in. The nausea will pass!
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  • The nausea and dizziness went away after about a week for me.  It was kind of a rough transition, but so worth it!
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