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Saturday Symposium

Just's the daily chat thread! 

I wish babies had a weekend setting. 



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Re: Saturday Symposium

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  • I have seen this a couple of times too. But only in like resorty areas-- down the shore and when we were in myrtle beach.
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  • I've seen that a lot lately. The Chili's by my house also has this table top computer thing that you can order from and pay your bill. I think that was the place that had a bar thing that you slid to say what percentage you wanted to leave
  • Tip helpers are all over here. There was one at Texas de Brazil which shocked me. Maybe tacky, but if it guilts patrons to tip their servers better so be it. Servers work really hard often and get barely any tips from cheap people.
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  • I have a confession. My mother in law bought us a keurig for Xmas (I think it's like the most expensive big one too it has the carafe). I just can't get used to it! The k cups are so expensive and too strong for my taste. I bought the thing where you can put your own scoop of regular coffee in but the coffee comes out so grainy. Am I doing something wrong??? I just want to use my old regular machine and have my beloved folgers !! My mil is starting to stay with us part time when I go back to work on February so there is no way I can pretend to use it just when she is here. She is super sweet and I hate to hurt her feelings. This is a true first world problem.
  • Do they have chipotle in Canada ? If not I would suggest hitting it up!
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  • You would be surprised how many people are out there that do not know what percentage to tip. That receipt is from a Darden restaurant so that server is tipping out at the very least 2 percent of their sales. Its probably more than 2 but Darden does this so that they can pay bartenders bussers etc around $4 an hour expecting the servers to pay them the rest to fill the gap. Unfortunately the servers aren't even guaranteed that this money is coming in to pay their tip share so they started listing tip amounts on the bottom of the receipt hoping it would help with all the no or low tippers out there. So if a table doesn't tip a server at all he/she has to pay from their own money to cover the tip share on that bill.
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    List of things to do this trip: visit my first American Target (I'm actually super excited because the US ones have twice the stock and I've clearly established my obsession with Target.)

    Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but Target announced this week that its pulling out of Canada. My condolences.
  • Oh the percentages are definitely off on it and it actually hurts some servers because a lot of people tip 20 percent on the whole total but now they see these percentages and end up leaving less than they would have. I was just explaining why it's on there because a lot of people get upset that it shows them "how" to tip.
  • Also the total of $44.13 that you are seeing on the bill might not have been the original total. They calculate the tip percentages before any coupons, gift cards, or discounts are taken off. There are $10 bonus cards floating around now I'm willing to bet the original bill was $10 higher.
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  • @Zachysmommy‌ we have the new fancy one too. I found if you buy the light roast k cups they aren't too strong. Also you can't use the refillable one because it won't brew right. They are dumb and made this machine read the k cups to brew different things correctly. It's dumb I know. I miss my refillable thing. Just another way to make money I guess. :)
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  • Double ear infection here. Blech! Also, LO's weight is the same as it was in mid-December. Granted, he's been sick so he wasn't eating much. Ped said to increase his calorie intake. I nurse him when he wakes up, occasionally after daycare, and before bed. He takes 2 6-oz bottles at daycare, plus solids at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Any hints on how to increase calories??

    I guess I'm just frustrated. I keep hearing breast is best, and immunity systems being awesome in breastfed babies. LO is sick A LOT. And not gaining weight like he should.


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  • Went to bed At 8:45 pm last night. 10 glorious hours of sleep and babies are still snoozing!

    So this local story - poor couple with toddler and infant, dad has brain cancer, homeless, etc. Community steps up to help; someone gives them a motorhome to live in, nice lady lets them park at her house and use her water, tons of donated items collected thru FB group, a gofundme account raises a bunch of money - you get the idea. Story makes the news - mom is tearful and so grateful for the help because they had no food for their babies and nowhere to go. Well, it turns out the guy is a sex offender, has been charged with burglary, aggravated assault and more including crimes against children and has an arrest warrant for failing to register. Also stories are popping up that the "cancer" has been in remission and resurfaced multiple times ( in various locations). They just took off with the cash and donations, changed the pw on the gofundme account and are suddenly no longer part of the fb group created to solicit the donations. The lady who organized it all and let them park at her house won't say what happened but she warns others about helping them and says she is working with the police. The heartwarming news story has been pulled from the news website. I have a box of baby supplies on my table I was supposed to drop off today for them. Luckily I didnt donate cash.

    Oy... Their poor babies. It breaks my heart. What is wrong with people. :(

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  • Thanks. I guess I will suck it up and buy the folgers k cups. Maybe I just need to get used to it.
  • @dani+california if you're in Panama City maybe try Pineapple Willy's?  It's not fine dining but it's one of those fun places there.

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  • @LalaMama81‌ he currently gets a bottle after each nap, and he's only taking 2 naps at daycare. Here's what his schedule typically looks like...

    6:45- nurse at home
    7:30-cereal and fruit
    12:00- bottle
    12:30- solids
    2:00-3:30- nap
    3:30- bottle
    4:45- nurse at home
    5:30- solids
    7:30- nurse before bed

    I don't know when to sneak another bottle in! He also sleeps through the night so he's not getting milk at night.

    And yes, he's at daycare, but it's an in-home daycare. It's a daycare for teachers' children so I have a feeling we're all bringing a lot of germs in.


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  • He's perfectly happy! Seems satisfied...plenty of wet diapers so I'm not sure why I'm worried. I probably shouldn't look at the 9-month stats and compare... I see all these 20 lb babies!


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  • @mom2boxers‌ nope, not long! He's proportional which is good. He was 80th percentile in both height and weight at 2 months, 60th percentile at 4 months, and 30th percentile at 6 months.


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  • Double ear infection here. Blech! Also, LO's weight is the same as it was in mid-December. Granted, he's been sick so he wasn't eating much. Ped said to increase his calorie intake. I nurse him when he wakes up, occasionally after daycare, and before bed. He takes 2 6-oz bottles at daycare, plus solids at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Any hints on how to increase calories??

    I guess I'm just frustrated. I keep hearing breast is best, and immunity systems being awesome in breastfed babies. LO is sick A LOT. And not gaining weight like he should.

    My LO struggled to gain enough weight when he was bf too. We only made it 5 months and he chunked up when we switched to ff. my kid also got sick a lot during bfing as well as now and I know daycare is to thank for that. Bfing is obviously awesome but I don't think it's a cure all and everyone's milk composition is different. I'm hoping to have a different outcome with my next kid but for this LO I'm thankful I made it 5 months but it definitely wasn't without stress.
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  • I'm hoping it's warm enough for a walk today! What's the weather like for everyone? We hit 56 yesterday!


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  • We are sick over here too... It's only helping my case to not fly again for a longgggg time. We have ear infection, cough and pink eye. Blahhhh.

    @zazu13‌ that is awful. Like, truly awful. Take that stuff to a local shelter where you know it will be put to use... I work for a homeless shelter and I always feel like an asshole telling people not to give anyone on the streets money, but the reality is that most of them aren't homeless. They take advantage of nice people that want to help; it's heartbreaking.

    Last night at dinner there was a brand new baby meeting family... And I officially need 100 more kids.
  • We're sick here, too. Solidarity, sisters.

  • @MissHSoonToBeMrsS‌, DS1 was similar. He started out in the 95th percentile and gradually decreased until he hit 10-25th around 6mo, where he stayed until 18 mo. I was mostly pumping and he was averaging around 40oz/day. Like adults, some babies have higher metabolism. DS consumes 30ish oz/day and is in the 90th percentile.

  • @macgrs Fun! I'll be waving at you on 93! But for reals, stop in Boston and come to the Museum of Science with us!!!!!!!! We just got a membership!! 

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  • Boo for a clogged duct @celticlullaby‌. I agree that it seems highly unlikely that someone would spontaneously release 5 eggs in one cycle, but probably not impossible.

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  • I don't want to celebrate having sick kids, but they have both been sleeping pretty much all morning so far.

  • Go figure I'm going to a baby shower this afternoon and DH is going to think taking care of both kids is the easiest thing ever.

  • Can I get t&ps for my fur baby? He's not even 2 and we are heading to say goodbye. He got into something, started having seizures, his blood is toxic and his kidneys failed. My heart is breaking, but I don't want him to suffer.
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    Day ruiner:  not bagging my Friday milk fast enough for the freezer.  Had to pour it down the drain... They were for Monday's bottles.  No back ups in freezer.  Awesome.

    ETA Oh @janellemj928 I'm so sorry :(

  • Look what little gem popped up on Amazon's daily deals. I had to share because it sounded so ridiculous.

    Mated To The Billionaire (A Pararnormal Billionaire Pregnancy Romance Book 1) (A Paranormal Billionaire Pregnancy Romance)

    image    image

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    I have a job interview here on Monday! It's for cardiac step down. I have no experience in this really, aside from STEMI, and code blue/white in the ER. We do a few other cardiac related things but this would really be different. The lifestyle here in Missouri is more like what we want. We want to live off the land more. That's been real hard in the Central Valley with the water restrictions and ban on burning. I currently have 14 trees on just under .25 acres, imagine what I could do with 7acres? I dunno. I guess we'll see what happens monday.

    I'm a tech on a cardiac step down right now & it's pretty cool!! I'm in nursing school right now too but I could probably help you out with telemetry things & whatnot if you needed it! LMK but good luck on your interview!!!
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