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Help... only 21 weeks

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I woke up and I had a good size wet spot under me. Now I'm having some cramping and gas. I am not sure what it is or how to know if my water broke.?

Re: Help... only 21 weeks

  • Best advice I can give you is to call your OBGYN they can check to see if it is your water or not. 
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  • Best thing to do would be call your doctor.
  • Fingers crossed that it's nothing, but put a call in to your doctor!
  • Definitely call your dr...FX everything's ok!

  • I hope it's nothing. You could have just dribbled a small amount of urine, or it could be watery CM.
    Talk to your doctor!
  • Call your doctor ASAP.  T&P that it's nothing--please keep us posted!
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  • T&P, definitely keep us posted.!
  • Yes, call your Doctor! You can never be too safe.
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  • Call your doctor for sure. Hope it's nothing. T&Ps

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  • Hope everything's okay! Keep us updated!

  • Call the OB! It could just be urine or watery discharge. T&P that everything is good!
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  • I hope everything's OK, but I'm also thinking you should follow up with your doctor and he/she will know what to do. Good luck!

  • I hope everything is ok!
  • FX for you that it's nothing serious
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  • What everyone else said!! FX it's nothing. Sometimes I sweat my ass off when I'm sleeping and wake up in a puddle pretty much (super attractive I know...). But definitely call your doctor!!
  • Call your doctor and keep us updated! Thoughts are going your way!
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  • Hopefully you called the doctor. Thoughts are with you
  • I hope you called your doctor. Fingers crossed for good news!

  • I hope it's nothing. Call your doctor and keep us updated.
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  • Prayers that it is nothing, update when youcan please
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  • Hopefully it's nothing but sending T&P your way.

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  • Thinking of you.  Keep us updated.

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  • You will be in my thoughts and prayers that nothing is wrong. Keep us updated.
  • Praying you called your Dr and that it is nothing serious.
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    Fx for you, please update us on what your doctor had to say.
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  • Hope you called your doctor, keep us posted!! FX for you!
  • I decided to wait on calling. The cramping subsided for most the day it seems to be coming back though. So I will give it some time.
  • Are you maybe dehydrated? Sometimes not having enough fluids can bring in contractions! I would drink lots of water , call the on call nurse and lay down. Hope you feel better
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  • Ok. So this happened to me. And I went to the labor and delivery per the on call nurses advice since over the phone they can't tell if it's amniotic fluid or what. Well it turned out I just leaked some urine while I was sleeping but that Peace of mind was so worth the embarrassment. The dr told me this happens more than you think and they would prefer people to come in then wait and something could have been done.
  • I would not wait to call or go in. If it is by some chance your water leaking you may have to take medicine to stop labor or you could get an infection from lack of water down the road.

    I would call. It's not too late yet to get it checked out.
  • Thinking of you. Hope everything turns out to be fine.

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  • FX it's nothing. T&Ps.
  • Hope you're doing okay and it was a false alarm!

  • Hopefully it's nothing- any more leaking/cramping??
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  • How's it going? Update?
  • rivers714 said:

    How's it going? Update?

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  • Hope everything is okay!
  • mari226 said:

    I decided to wait on calling. The cramping subsided for most the day it seems to be coming back though. So I will give it some time.

    Please drink a ton of water and rest. If cramping does not go away call your doctor just to make sure everything is okay.
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