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Pregnant with twins - what's your exercise routine?

I'm 11W6D with twins (sorry if ticker isn't working) and I'm unsure about what to do with my exercise routine. I live in a small town and don't have access to MFM. My regular OB told me a twin pregnancy was the same as a singleton and I could do whatever. Prior to getting pregnant I was running 10 miles a day and in great shape. Now when I run I get out of breath very easily and it makes me nervous that I may be depriving the babies of oxygen. I've cut way back (now I only walk), but I'm wondering if I'm being overly paranoid. During your twin pregnancy, what did your doctor clear you to do during the first and second trimester? 
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Re: Pregnant with twins - what's your exercise routine?

  • I didn't have any restrictions - just to listen to my body.

    As it was, I live where it's cold and got my BFP in late Nov right after running a half marathon (I was technically pg when I ran it but about a week away from a pos test). It got cold and dark and I felt like shit, so I stopped running.

    I kept active, though. Walked a lot once it got warm out again in the spring. And started running at 6w pp. I did have some issues from my c/s but I did some PT and as long as I stay active, they seem to be okay.

    General rule of thumb is that you can keep the same level of activity as before pregnancy as long as you listen to your body.

  • I always thought I'd be an active pregnant woman. I do endurance triathlons and intended to keep up some level of fitness. I biked and hiked until 13 wks when I had heavy bleeding from a SCH. At that point I wasn't allowed to exercise at all. Dr cleared me six weeks later for low impact so I walked, swam, did yoga, and light pregnancy lifting. I am really happy with how fast my body bounced back after I was cleared to work out again at 8 weeks. I'm now below my normal "racing weight" at 8 months postpartum. I will never run shirtless again with all that extra skinbut I'm ok with that.
    Feel free to ask any specific questions you have.
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  • I wasn't all that fit pre-pregnancy (almost 11 weeks currently), but I do have a relatively active lifestyle and job, especially in the summer. I live in the midwest so it's hard to find motivation when the days are so short and cold, but I'm trying to stay active. I've had friends who continued to run long distances throughout their (singleton) pregnancies, but I'm wary of over-exertion especially in later gestation. Listening to your body is probably the biggest thing. My first OB appointment is tomorrow, so I'm curious to see what the doc says. I just have a hard time believing that a twin pregnancy is "no different" than a singleton, especially if the goal is to reach 10-12+ lbs combined birthweight and >36 weeks gestation. However, I really don't want to be out of shape for delivery if I get the chance to deliver vaginally. So far (pre-doctor's appt) my exercise has been limited to very occasional swimming (I don't live close to a pool) brisk walking, and I have an app on my iPad I love. It's called Sworkit - there are yoga, cardio, and strength training exercises, none of which require any equipment other than your body and a small place to work out.
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  • I did not have any restrictions.
  • Does throwing up count as exercise?  Because I did plenty of that!

    My OB told me to take it easy on the exercise, I'd been an outdoor runner in AZ and would often go when it was nearing 100 degrees outside so that was out.  My husband didn't want me running outside at all in case something happened and I'd be stuck somewhere alone, so I started running at the gym.  I stepped my speed down by about a mile per hour and ended up running only around 10-15 minutes before I started feeling crummy.  I supplemented running with the elliptical machine and stationary bike to get around half an hour, and to be honest I didn't go more than once or twice a week because I was exhausted.  Eventually around 17 weeks I felt bad from the get-go, I don't know if it was ligament loosening or the extra weight around my middle but I felt terrible that run and all but stopped working out.  But more than anything it just wasn't fun anymore, every little pain in my abdomen worried me and I couldn't enjoy challenging myself the way I could before.

    I've gained the appropriate amount of weight so far and I don't see any peripheral weight gain in my face or arms, a little in my legs but I'm not letting it stress me out, I figure breastfeeding will take care of that.  Honestly I think just carting around my own body has been pretty good exercise because my legs actually feel a bit stronger than they did before.

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    I am a fitness instructor/personal trainer and while I've been given the green light, it is simply more difficult to do from singleton to twin pregnancy. DD was a breeze and twins are exhausting. I'm definitely at about 50 percent of my full capabilities and with having to put my teaching energy in, I'm toast afterwards. My goal is to make it to 30-32 weeks and then start cutting down until delivery should I stay out of PTL danger. So far so good. 

    I taught until 38 weeks with DD and while it didn't make labor easier, recovery was a breeze so I'm determined to continue as long as I am able even if mentally, I'd rather be on the couch!

    Edit: More info...I am 20 weeks currently


  • I was very active before my pregnancy, and once I found out I was having twins I completely stopped doing anything athletic, and I regret it! I gained way too much in my pregnancy, but it was my first and I was nervous about really doing anything. I did try to walk as much as possible, even if it was around the block. I think just listening to your body, knowing your limitations and talking to your doctor is best.
  • 3 days before I started IVF injections I ran a marathon. I had to stop running but I power walked up until day 5 of stims and then it got too uncomfortable. I am 12w1d and have been on "pelvic rest" since egg transfer from bleeding. My cardiac endurance is now shot but I keep on walking. I also have asthma and it has gotten worse since BFP. I won't get back into running until birth. I have gained a lot of weight from IVF but stable now. Honestly, while I would love to be running, my breathing is so bad I am glad I am not. I had to go through so much to get a BFP that I am not going to risk it. Good luck
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  • I have stayed consistently active- until about 28 weeks- when it has become just too uncomfortable to keep up my running routine. My two singleton pregnancies were a lot different and I did not feel as uncomfortable or restricted. I think the difference between the two types of pregnancies is not until the end of 2nd- into 3rd trimester. I felt the same until about 27-28 weeks honestly. I have a girlfriend who taught spinning until her 28th week with triplets!! The key is listening to your body and not pushing yourself past what you have done previsouly!

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  • I'm 20w pregnant with di/di twins. I've been doing a lot of walking, some prenatal yoga, and You Tube prenatal workouts (I like Jessica Smith, What To Expect Bootcamp, Denise Austin), ranging from 10-25 mins. I try to listen to my body and modify when needed. I definitely need to go slower and for less time now.

    Until my 15th week, I was teaching Tabata Bootcamp 2x a week. My OB wanted me to discontinue teaching the high intensity class around 16w. I can't imagine doing that now!
  • I'm 33 weeks w/ 2 boys. I'm a runner but quickly transitioned to walking in 1st tri. Then I had some bleeding scares from SCH's so I took it easy and switched over to prenatal yoga. In 2nd tri once my belly was big enough to get in the way, I switched to prenatal water aerobics & swimming. I still swim twice a week & it's the most amazing feeling to be virtually weightless. Babies seem to love it to!

    Whatever you choose, really use your intuition and do what feels right. Your body will tell you
  • I'm 13 weeks and ran a half marathon the day before our IUI with a medicated cycle. I have still been running albeit much slower and not nearly as many miles as I'd like. I get so winded and have to pee after about a quarter mile. I plan to continue to listen to my body and run as far and as long as it feels ok. Starting next week I'm going to add prenatal yoga in the mix because I've heard that the earlier you start the better off you are as you get further along. I also plan to join my local aquatic center for some swimming even though that's not something I'm necessarily good at not pregnant! Ha! While I had always dreamed of being that pregnant runner still doing races with my bump, since learning it was twins and knowing how many complications could come up I'm just not willing to push myself too much and trying to be as realistic as possible.
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  • I jazzercise 3-4 times a intensity level has gone down, but I just listen to my body.  As long as you aren't changing you workout routine and listening to your body you should be fine.
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  • I am 11w2d.  I was very active prior to pregnancy ... hot yoga, running, weight lifting.  Then at about 6 weeks I turned into a vomit machine and couldn't do anything but work and couch.  I'm currently on zofran which helps but I'm no where near 100% and I still vomit daily.  Butttt, I was able to hit the gym again last week after not going since about 6 weeks.  I take it easy because I get out of breath really fast and my heart rate increases after only a few minutes whereas before, it'd take a long while.  I can't run so I'm doing the elliptical or rollerblading instead.  But I'm there, doing stuff and that makes me feel a ton better. 

  • I work out 6x/wk: 2 boot camp, 2 elliptical, and 2 resistance bands. My OB told me to continue, but listen to my body. I've scaled it back a bit, but I'm continuing the same schedule.

    The gym is my stress reliever. I figure that since I can't drink wine, I need to continue exercise to maintain my sanity. (Kidding).


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