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~*~ Getting Healthy Check-In ~*~

I can't with a straight face call this the Tuesday check-in this week ;-)  Definitely need to set that calendar reminder!

This week:

Last week:


QOTW: Any thoughts on the bump dramaz?

A warm welcome (back) to all our ladies who've resolved to participate this year!

@Pitchslap - I hope the fitbit is still being a good motivator for you!
@phishgirl29 - I hope you beat your 98,256
@megsw85 - Sex is totally exercise!  Get it, girl!
@melOHdy - did you decide to go to Zumba?  Regardless, I hope getting back in to fitness is going well for you!
@megaroo64 - Baby boot camp sounds fun!  I hope your knee is still feeling better!
@Lizzybizzy80 - How's the no alcohol going?  Hope you're doing well with that and the more walking!
@mcbush - Did you get a treadmill?  Sounds like a great way to get more exercise in!
@WorkInIt - Hope the daily running is going well and that you can have fun getting back into Barre this week!
@kdc2007 - Hopefully you've been able to look beyond the cold weather to stay active!
@Mrsveinotte - That amount of deadlifting just made my jaw drop.  You go lady!

And a special shoutout for @RedCherry1109 - I hope you finish out the rest of this pregnancy strong and join us when you're able!  I'll be looking for you in July!
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Re: ~*~ Getting Healthy Check-In ~*~

  • This week: walking and nursing a cold.

    Last week: sick! But made my 10,000 step goal each day.

    Goal: tone up.

    QOTW: I think it's silly and childish but I've been needing a bit of a bump break lately so I'm making my name on the other site and coming back when I'm ready wherever the masses are. Maybe I won't take a break. We shall see.

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    Everyone Welcome

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  • Last week- ran three days, and went and played a double header soccer game. And we are doing a biggest loser competition at work and so I have been more conscious of what I am eating.

    This week- continue with healthy(ish) eating, 3 days of running and soccer.

    Goal- lose some weight and tone up.

    QOTW: The whole thing seems really sad.
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  • Last week I did great with the new meal program, really low in carbs and sugar. I've lost 7 lbs so far!

    This week I want to stick with the plan and keep walking at lunch. Try a video in the evening.

    Goal, lose this first ten lbs and get under 200.

    Drama: I've read a lot of what happened on parenting and proboards and what the admins did sucked and was pretty dumb. I just hope we stick together, wherever it is.


    phishgirl29[Deleted User]musicalsilver
  • I will be here in July!! Can't wait to come back!!

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