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Minneapolis pediatrician recommendations?

I'm looking for suggestions for a pediatrician in Minneapolis (Edina, St Louis Park or St Paul ok too but definitely prefer south Minneapolis) and am a little overwhelmed. Meeting the new pediatrician at our primary care clinic (family practice) this week but I don't particularly like our clinic so want to check out a couple other options before we decide. First baby, due in early February. Who would you recommend and why?

Re: Minneapolis pediatrician recommendations?

  • We use Central Pediatrics- they are in St Paul on Snelling and Larpenteur if you are willing to drive. They have been great! They are also available at night and on the weekends for walk ins which has been nice.
    They have many Pediatricians, so you can see just one if you prefer or any. We Chose to see two doctors we liked. The doctors we chose are both mothers and breasted, so they are breastfeeding friendly which was important to us. They also were ok with my decision when I started supplementing with formula. They give their advise but also respect your wishes. Last thing- they will not prescribe anti biotics just because- also important to us.
    Hope this helps and good luck!
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  • We use Dr. Sonja Helmy at the Fairview Oxboro Clinic on Lyndale. She is great, she used to practice in Woodbury and now I drive 25 minutes to see her. She always remembers us and spends as much time as we need to answer questions. She isn't judgmental and works with you to decide the best course of care. DD2 had a lot of feeding/allergy/reflux issues as a baby and she guided us through great. Also, I love her personality, I don't think she ever stops smiling!
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  • We use Partners in Pediatrics...they have many offices around the West side of town (Calhoun, Brooklyn Park, Maple grove, Plymouth, Rogers).

    I like that they take sick-kid walk-ins EVERY DAY 8-5 at your clinic, then they also have walk-ins at the Maple Grove clinic until 8pm on weekdays and from 8-12 on weekends.  We don't have to go to urgent care or wait for a sick kid appointment - we just go to the pedi.

    We had been with an internist/pedi out of park nicollet and it sucked b/c she never had sick kid availability and we always had to use their urgent care and would end up with a non-pedi doc.  What good is a pedi if they never see your kid when you need them?

    Whatever you do - consider their sick kid visit availability.  That has been the most important part of our pedi experience...2 daycare kids = lots of sick visits.

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  • Sorry this is responding late. We go to Fairview University Children's Clinic. They also have extended hours and reserve appointment times for sick/urgent visits. I have been really happy with the clinic. there is one pediatrician we've seen for illness visits that I don't love, but we've primarily seen Dr Wanderman and Dr McKay and I like both of them.
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