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EBF switching to FF

hi ladies! My little boy is 5 weeks and has started showing signs of troubled eating. They put him on Zantac three days ago but he seems to be getting worse ( lots of crying, spitting up, no sleep ext.) now they think it might be the dairy allergy. They suggest try going two weeks without dairy to see if that helps. Since I go back to work next week I am thinking about switching to FF now, maybe it will help with acid reflux and sleep!! I'm a FTM, does anyone have experience with this situation? Would formula help any or stick to pumping? I'm open to anything that may sooth him! TIA!

Re: EBF switching to FF

  • It really depends on what is causing the upset. If it's a dairy allergy, you may have problems with regular formula. But there are other formula options out there. Soy, for one.

    My baby is a spitter-upper on formula, but he is what is known as a "happy spitter." There is no discomfort at all for him, so meds won't help. And I don't think FF vs BF will help with spitting up either. A lot of people believe things like Zantac will prevent spit-up. They don't. They just make the spit-up less acidic and painful.

    Good luck finding a solution! And check out the Working Moms board! It's full of great tips for balancing things, including BFing if you decide to stick to that route.
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