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My Girls Are Here (Long Birth Story/Photo)

It's 3:30am and I can't sleep in the hospital so I figured I'd try to post this finally before we go home in the morning and our new crazy lives begin...

My miracle baby girls finally entered the world at 10:53 and 10:54 am on Friday 11/21/14 via csection after a failed 42 hour induction that went nowhere. We checked in to the hospital at 4pm on 11/19. My doctor wasn't here and the covering doc asked if I was "ok" with the risks of a breech extraction. I hesitated and said that I honestly wasn't given a choice by my doc and was basically told that's what we were doing. I think they were concerned with whether I was giving "informed consent" because a slew of docs came to talk to us and then my doc suddenly appears. I felt pressured by him to try induction when the other docs were saying a c/s was perfectly reasonable under the circumstances (B was transverse). I had just eaten so it would be at least 8 hrs anyway before a c/s could be done. I decided to proceed with induction but was reluctant.

They checked my cervix and it was totally closed. We finally got started with cervadil at 7:45pm. Since it was twins, I had to stay on the monitors in bed. I used the bathroom at 9:45 and commented to my nurse that she hadn't warned me that it would burn when I peed. She looked at me funny and said it shouldn't/wasn't a side effect of cervadil. We had dipped my urine earlier and there was no uti etc. I went back to bed. The pain continued to get worse and worse. I was in agony by 1am and in tears. DH called the nurse and they called a doctor. They thought maybe the cervadil wasn't placed high enough and was in my vag, causing the pain. They gave me Benadryl to see if it would help me sleep but the pain was too intense. Finally at 2:45am, the attending checked me and had to take the cervadil out. I had a freak reaction to it and my vag was all swollen/inflamed from it. They weren't sure why as it was apparently nothing they had seen before. They gave me morphine and put an ice pack on me, letting me rest for a few hours until a new plan could be started.

We started misoprostol at 6:20am. That was fine and was placed for 4 hrs. I dilated a whooping 1/2 cm after the miso but the monitors showed I was contracting every 2-3 mins so hospital policy doesn't allow a second dose unless contractions are over 4 mins apart. I could not feel the contractions at all. So we had to wait and do nothing. We did nothing all day.. I simply wasn't eligible for another dose bc of what the monitors showed. I felt fine. They finally talked me into trying a Foley catheter balloon to try to stretch the cervix mechanically and not pharmaceutically. It was placed at 3:30pm on 11/20 and would fall out on its own when I reached 3cm. I was also given a low dose of pitocin via iv. The night went on and the balloon didn't move. My parents came by to see me and we discussed my frustration etc. I was swollen and tired etc yet my doc was still pressing to keep trying induction and that it was "normal" to have a first baby induction take "days". I told him that I was not willing to go days with no progress and would reevaluate after each step that got us no where. The other docs were still saying c/s was reasonable while he wasn't. My pain got worse over night and I was given morphine again. What a godsend that drug is! I had the nicest nurses ever and I was crying in the middle of the night to mine that I was done if that balloon was still in in the morning.

Morning came and the balloon was still in so that meant I was still less than 3cm. I noticed my arm hurt and we discovered my vein collapsed and was full if the iv fluid as well as the pitocin. It was removed and put in my other arm. That vein then collapsed. A 3rd iv was put in but by now, we didn't know how much time had past since the first collapse. So the pitocin dosage would have to go back to 1 (we had been at 30). I was done at this point. The docs from Anesthesia kept showing up and asked if I had eaten breakfast and said not to since I hadn't. The attending docs were all discussing c/s bc of my "middle of the night" convo with my nurse--they knew I wanted it. Everyone knew my IF story as it spread around from nurse to nurse to all the attending docs and how long it took to get these babies. My Mfm was still saying it wasn't necessary. DH was believing my MFM. I had to get DH on board. I didn't want to pull the "I don't need your permission " card but didn't want to fight with DH. So I calmly told him my wishes. After everything we endured to get these babies, I needed them out safely. I could take the pain of the c/s recovery knowing they'd safely and quickly arrive via c/s versus continuing on with an induction that was now 42 hrs long and I was still under 3cm at most. I didn't want an emergency to arrive and the girls to go into distress or have one vaginally and then c/s for transverse baby. I was terrified of something happening to my babies at this stage in the game. They needed to come out now. He finally agreed. We told my Mfm we were calling it.

The OR was open so it all happened quickly. My doc wasn't available to deliver which was fine with me bc I finally admitted to myself and DH that I didn't like him. I loved the women docs attending and they were all wonderful and supportive of the c/s.

They brought me to recovery where I was reunited with my girls for skin to skin. It was amazing and such a dream!! I started to shake really badly from the spinal and the girls were a little cold so they took them to the nursery to warm up and let me recover. But they were perfectly healthy and no nicu needed etc. We made it to 38 wks +3 for delivery!!! What an amazing feat after everything !!!

I'm doing remarkably well with the c/s recovery. We had visitors within a few hours of my surgery and I've had no complications. My Mfm stopped by yesterday and I happened to be walking around my room, dressed in yoga pants, showered etc. He said "apparently a c/s was nothing for you"! I said I was doing just fine (even if I had been miserable I would have said I was great just to not give him any satisfaction!! ) The c/s was the absolute right call for me under the circumstances.

I can't express how amazing I feel. My girls are perfect, healthy and gorgeous. We are excited to go home tomorrow and start our new life!! I wish this for all my special IF friends still waiting. It's all worth it in the end. Every tear shed, injection, dollar spent etc. It's magic when it comes together...

I was checking the boards when I felt up to it during the induction and after as news spread that the girls were finally here. I felt all your love and am a better person for having shared these years with all of you, friends and long time lurkers alike!!!

Without further ado, here are the McIrish Miracles!!!

TTC #1 since 8/1/10; Me:41 and BRCA1+, DH:46
DOR (FSH 24.3)/ terrible egg quality ; homozygous MTHFR c677t
5 IUI's: 2/11 to 6/11 and 1/12= BFN
OE IVF#1-4 8/11-6/12= all BFN
DE IVF#1 11/12 bad embryos= BFN
DE IVF #2 2/13 BFP/Beta hell: m/c 5w6d
CFNBC 7 months, not doing well; decided on guarantee program at RBA w/frozen DE
DE IVF #3 1/14  ET 4BB; BFP;M/C 5w1d, incomplete m/c; MVA extraction in ER 7w1d

DE FET#1 ET 3/1714; BFP, beta 1 3/27= 197, beta 2 3/31= 1586, beta 3 4/7= 13879!!
First u/s= Twins with HBs at 6w2d! We are Team Pink x 2!!

K & K born 11/21/14 at 38wks 4 days



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Re: My Girls Are Here (Long Birth Story/Photo)

  • Congratulations!  Sounds like you went through a lot, but they are beautiful. 


    TTC #1 since May 2010

    OE IVF #1  9/2/13 Cancelled- poor response

    DE IVF #1 3/12/14- BFP 3/17/14- ectopic, right tube removed 4/11/14 @ 7 weeks

    DE FET #1 7/3/14-Transferred 2 5AA 6 day embryos Beta 7/13/14 BFN

    DE FET #2 9/5/14-Transferred 2 4BB 5 day embryos Beta 9/15/14 BFN

    DE FET #3 in December- Cancelled, didn't respond to meds

    DE FET #3 (2nd try) 2/13/15- Transferred 1 4BB and 1 4BA 5 day embryos Beta 2/23/15  BFN again (CP)

    DE FET #4 - last 2 frosties....5/22/15- Transferred 1 4BA embryo...only one frostie thawed properly.  Beta scheduled for 6/1-  BFN (beta 2, 2.81, 6, 23, 49.4) 6/15/15 Discovered ectopic in left tube.  Methotrexate given. Moving on to a new donor. Hoping to transfer by the end of the year.

    Cant find a donor that is healthy and available.  Looking at being happy with just the two of us.


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    PAIF/SAIF Siggy warning... sorry! i forgot I was reading this on another board!

    Oh, I'm in tears! Congratulations in your two beautiful girls! I'm so sorry you had such a rough start in the hospital, but thank goodness they are here-safe and healthy!!!
    TTC# 1 since 5/10
    Me:34 Type 1 Diabetes, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Hypothyroid DH:35 Perfect
    DX: Unexplained IF
    Many IUI's with various meds all BFFN
    IVF #1 11/11 canceled due to OHSS
    IVF #2 Feb/March 2012 ET of 2 on day 3 4/7 BFP! 5/1 u/s blighted ovum
    IVF #3 July 2012 ET of 3 on day 3 7/24 BFP!
    Healthy baby girl born at 36w4d on 3/9/13
    Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
    TTC #2
    IVF #4 May/June 2014 ER 6/4 18R 8M 8F ET 6/9 1 blast, 2 frosties
    Beta 6/18 BFFN

    FET of 2 blasts 7/24...BFP!
    Healthy baby girl born at 36w3d on 3/17/15

    IVF #5 June 2018- PGS planned, no surviving embryos
    IVF #6 August 2018- ET of 2 on day 3 - Chemical pregnancy
    IVF #7 August 2019-....?
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  • I've been dying for an update from you but I understand that you were probably exhausted & busy (totally understandable, lol). I'm sorry that you had such a rough time but in the end, the girls are here & healthy so that's all that matters. I'm so thrilled for you. You have been such an amazing source of support & knowledge during my time here on the boards. Congratulations & enjoy those gorgeous girls! 

    Me & DH (33), 3 Furbabies, TTC since October 2011
    Day 3 #’s (Dec 2012) FSH 9, AMH .77, LH 2.4, E2 31, AFC 9 

    DX: Me-DOR + No Tubes, DH-Fine

    Ectopic 2007; lost tube/2nd tube removed Dec 2011 (hydro)

    April 2012=IVF#1- EPP Antag+ICSI, 2R,0F (BFN), Now dx’d with DOR.

    June-July 2012=IVF#2- MDL+ICSI&AH, 8R,4M,3F (BFP 9dp3dt) Beta#1 at 11dp3dt=36, Beta#2 at 15dp3dt=156, Beta#3 at 19dp3dt=671, dx'd with SCH, no growth-m/c at 7wks/Lap Dec 2012 to remove small fibroid.

    Feb 2013=IVF#3-MDL, 2/1=baseline, started 10 units mdl, AFC-7, 2/3 start gonal f, self cxld cycle b/c of low e2.

    April 2013=IVF#3.5-(with new RE)AG/ANT Conv + ICSI. 4/10-4/23 bcp's, 4/20-4/27 lupron, 4/28-ganirelix until end of stimming, 5/2-600 gonal f, 5/4-add 1/2 vial menopur, 5/13-ER (9R,1M,1F), 5/17-ET, 1 beautiful 8 cell (please be my sticky baby!!!!) 5/28-BFFN.

    Oct 2013=IVF#4-LLP+ICSI &AH, 10/14 (6R, 2M, 2F), 10/17-ET, 1 seven cell & a six cell, BFP at 9dp3dt, 1st beta=56, 2nd beta=52, CP.

    Jan 2014=IVF #5-LLP, Cxld after 6 days of stims due to fast response and lead follicle. 

    March 2014=IVF 5.5-LLP, Lupron 3/10, BL 3/18, 11 days of stims, Trigger 3/29, ER 3/31. 7R, 2M, 2F. ET 4/3. Txfd one 5 cell & one 9 cell. BFP on hpt from 7dp3dt & on. Praise be to God. Beta #1 at 11dp3dt=106, #2 at 13dp3dt=239. First u/s 4/28, measuring on track & heartbeat seen. 5/5-2nd u/s, measuring on track with strong heartbeat. 5/12- 3rd u/s & released from RE. Grow baby grow, we love you! Baby G&T is a BOY! Born 12/2014 via c/s! 8lbs, 8oz & 21 inches.

     *******Ticker Warning**********


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    "God's Delay is not God's Denial"
  • The biggest tightest hugs to you, mama! I am over the moon for you, your husband and your little girls. HUGS and KISSES!!!!!!!!!!! 

    TTC 10/11. IUI 2/12. BFP 3/8/12. 4/26/12 missed mc. RE consult 5/17/12. IVF #1 ER 7/13/12 53R, 41M ICSIed, 32F, 8 5d, 6 6d blasts - all PGD/frozen. PGD results 1 normal M and 1 normal F, 1 maybe M. FET 9/6, transferred 1 F embie. Beta 9/15 BFN. FET#2 planned for 11/2012 put off until 2013. Surprise BFP 11/21/12!! My son was born on 7/24/13!

    FET 4/28/2015 - Transferred 1 M embie. 5/6/15 BFP!

  • Congratulations!!!! They are absolutely beautiful! I am so happy that you finally got your happy ending!


    TTC #1

    Me 42, DH 47

    Dx = AMA/DOR, MFI

    IVF/ICSI #1 = BFN

    IVF/ICSI #2 = BFP; early loss

    IVF/ICSI #3 (DE) = BFP; early loss

    FET = BFN

    IVF/ICSI #4 (DE w/ CCS) = BFP

    Beta #1 @ 10dp6dt = 265; Beta #2 @ 14dp6dt = 1251. 

    1st U/S @ 6w2d showed one perfect little heartbeat! 

    2nd U/S @ 7w2d. HB 132 & everything measuring on track.

    Our beautiful little girl arrived January 2015!

  • Over the moon happy for you!!! Keep us updated as you can once things get crazy. Our son will be 4 weeks tomorrow and I still spend so much time still staring at him.
    TTC #1 since 12/2010 DH: MFI, cancer survivor Me: Resected septate uterus, lap treated mild endo, tubes open, ovulate on own, autoimmune disease 3 Failed IUI's (2/2012, 4/2012, 6/2012) 
    IVF #1 August 2012. BFP! Beta #1 56.7 Beta #2 150 One baby, one heartbeat on 9/20/12! no h/b @7w6d. dandc @8w0d
    FET #1 December 2012, BFN
    FET #2 February 2013, no embies survived thaw
    IVF #2, BFP #2, Loss #2 March 2013, Scar tissue discovered, RPL testing,
    IVF #3, BFP #3, Loss #3 (twins) September 2013
    Hostile ute, moving onto Gestational Carrier!

    GC/FET #1 of 1 5AA blast and 1 compacted blast, February 2014, BFP #4 on 3/1/2014!
    6w u/s 1 bean with h/b of 145 bpm, 8w u/s 187 bpm
    EDD 11/7/14. Please, please, please stick little one!

    Praying unceasingly for a miracle. ALL welcome!


  • Congrats, I am overjoyed for you! Enjoy every minute of bringing up those two cuties. You are an inspiration to everyone!

    I am so sorry you had to be induced in such a horrific manner.
    6 m/c
    Anovulatory cycles, increased Synthroid Diagnosed Sep 2010
    Natural cycle Dec 2010 BFP M/C 6 1/2 Weeks, D&E Jan 2011
    1 Clomid/Ovidrel BFN May 2011
    Natural cycle Aug 2011 BFP M/C 4 Weeks
    1 IUI Sept 2011 BFP M/c 7 weeks
    Provera Dec 2011 BFP M/C 3 Weeks
    DQ ALPHA HLA MATCH, High NK Cells Diagnosed Dec 2011
    IVF March 2012 BFP m/c 4weeks 5 days (IL, Prednisone)
    IVF#2w/DS July 2012 MEGA FAILURE BFN (IL, Dexamethasone)
    Diagnosed No real HLA Match, DQ Beta Triad, High TNF, Low NK Cells
    Oct 2012 Natural Cycle m/c 4wks (Lovenox, Prednisone) 
    Went to Beer Center- high tnf, low lad, implantation failure
    Nov/Dec 2012 LIT Treatment
    Dec 12 Humira
    Jan 2013 BFP
    Humira,LIT,Prednisone, Lovenox, IVIG, Baby Aspirin
    Miracle Born August 2013 Premature

    Yours doesn't have to be a sad story


    Lilypie - (ugiy)

  • What a story! When I saw this announcement, I literally said, "yay!!" out loud. So happy for you. They are absolutely beautiful. Now the fun begins!
    ---------------Siggy Warning--------------------

    Image and video hosting by TinyPicimage
    Me: 32, DH: 34  / TTC since February 2011 / SA: all normal, HSG: all clear! / on Lovenox for anticardiolipid antibodies
    4 IUIs with Clomid, Letrozole, and Menopur. All BFN.
    9/12: lap / hysteroscopy: found and removed mild endometriosis, cervical polyp, and 2 para-tubular cysts
    5/13 IVF #1: Follistim, Menopur, Ganirelix, 10R/4M/4F, ET of 2, 5 cell and 4 cell, no frosties = BFN
    12/13 IVF #2 = November / December 2013. Microdose Lupron Protocol: 15R/6M/6F, Froze all 6 due to high E2 and P4
    FET 1: Jan 22, 2014 of one 4AB blast and one 3BB blast (3 blasts on ice!)
    BFP on HPT 4dp5dt, Beta #1 9dp5dt: 310, Beta #2 11dp5dt: 899
    First u/s on 2/17/14: TWINS!!!!! both w/HBs of 114 at 6w3d, HBs 150 and 152 at 7w5d

    5/27/2014: Team purple!!!!  EDD 10/10/2014 / 
    Delivered by c-section at 32w0d 8/15/2014 due to preeclampsia/HELLP syndrome
    Baby Boy 4lbs 1oz, 17 inches
    Baby Girl 3lbs 5oz, 16 inches

    Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • McIrish congratulations on your absolutely gorgeous girls!! Enjoy!!!


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    IF History in my Bio!

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  • what an amazing journey! Congratulations and thank you for sharing.

    My heart is as open as the sky.
    Read about it on the blog

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    2 Corinthians 12:9 But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me.

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  • What a journey to get these 2 beautiful girls! Congrats again :) So very happy for you and YH!!!

    ME:46 MH:44 DE IVF 2014
    Met with RE 4/11. 2 IUI's BFN. DE best option. Switched clinics to do "shared" program. Had to retake all tests and a mamm that put me behind and then on a DE waiting list for 12 months. Picked a donor!! (10/13/13) Got matched. Estimated transfer in December. After 2.5 years of patiently waiting I will finally cycle....can hardly believe it. DE cycle got cancelled. One of her tests came back positive.  Waiting for another donor. Donor picked!! (1/18/14)

    DE IVF #1 (4/26) BFN  DE FET #1 (6/4) BFP! Beta 1=339 Beta 2=852 Beta 3=9957 EDD 2/22/15!!



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  • Wow, so sorry labor was so horrible for you, but so happy the girls and you are doing great. GREAT NEWS
    ===siggy warning====
    Me: 40, DH: 42
    Diagnosis: PCOS
    TTC: May 2013
    TX: IUI #1 with Follistim. Canceled due to too many follicles (10 + that were large); BENCHED
    IVF #1 March 6. 14 eggs retrieved, 10 fertilized. 
    March 11, 4 eggs transferred.
    March 21 BFP  :) Beta #1 457, Beta #2 1350, Beta #3 9619. 
    Due Date November 27, 2014

  • Congratulations! I am so happy for you and the girls are beautiful. I'm sorry about your labor but glad they arrived safely in the end.
    DS#1 born 9/23/06 
    Twins DS#2 and 3 born at 31 weeks, 3 days due to a short cervix on 8/2/13.
  • mm29mm29 member
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    Happy tears!! They are beautiful!! Congratulations dear friend, I'm so happy for you and your DH!!

    ::: Married June 2003:::
    TTC #1 since: Aug. 2008
    Me: 34, DOR, MTHFR-A1298C (heterozygous), decreased blood flow to uterus, Mild Endo
    DH: 38, Balanced translocation 5&10, unexplained MFI, normal SA and SCSA
    Tx History: IUI 1&2= BFN
    IVF# 1 W/ICSI= BFN
    IVF# 2: cancelled d/t no response
    IVF# 3= 1 egg retrieved=immature/not viable
    IVF# 4= c/p
    ***CCRM ODWU***
    Found DHs BT and Me-decreased blood flow to uterus
    Recommended DE IVF w/PGD, incorporate electro-acupuncture. Decided to cycle locally
    ***New RE***
    DE IVF# 1(cycle #6) w/pgd, (freeze all): 30R, 23M, 15F, slow/poor embryo development, 4 biopsied, 1 Normal "Norm"; DE IVF w/PGD, incorporate electro-acupuncture. 
    IVF# 6: (OE/DS) cancelled
    IVF# 7: (OE/DS) 1R, 1M, 1F, arrested day 5
    Plan-DE IVF# 2 (cycle #8): DE/DS in May 2015
    imageimage image 
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    Amazing! I am sorry for your ordeal (both delivery and IF), but look at those amazing blessings you got out of it. I could not be more thrilled for you and look forward to hearing more about your adventures. Huge congratulatory hugs!

    ***SAIF SIG***

    Age: 35 TTC since 2005, MFI & DOR 

    IVF #1 Sep '11 - canceled poor response

     IVF #2 Nov '11  8R/8M/4F 3dt x2 - chemical

    IVF #3 April '12  11R/6M/4F 3dt x2 - m/c

    FET #1 Aug 2012  3dt x2 - BFN

    **new RE**

     IVF #4 Jan '13 BFN 11R/6M/6F 5dt x2 - BFN

     IVF #5 July '13 16R/10M/10F 5dt x2 + 1 frostie

    9dp5dt Beta 1 = 344!! 16dp5dt. Beta 2 = 4822 7wk u/s= 2 heartbeats!

    Twin girls! 3/6/14


  • Congrats mom!! They are so cute!!
  • Tears in my eyes, so sorry you had such a hard time, but the girls are beautiful. I think I would have punched your doctor out long before you did.   Have an amazing Thanksgiving with your new additions.

    Failed Matches - December 2012, May 2013, December 2013
    Moved on to  gestational surrogacy with a family friend who is our angel and due 7/23/15

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    I also didn't realize where I was posting...
    ****siggy warning*****

    Wow, I'm sorry your dr didn't come around earlier to support your wishes. It's great you had such supportive nurses to advocate for you! Your girls are beautiful! Congratulations! :-)
    *loss and BFP mentioned*
    Me: Endo & No Tubes 
    DH: perfect!
    IVF#1 (Sept 2013) Long Lupron Protocol
               17 retrieved, 15 fert, 1 perfect blast trans, 10 frozen
                BFP--Ended-- Blighted Ovum
    FET#2 Tentative Sched: Start meds CD1=Feb 1, ET= Feb 19-20
              One Grade 4AA Blast transferred, 5dpt- BFP HPT, 6dpt- line darker
              Beta #1- 50, Beta #2- 30
              BFN- Chemical preg
    FET#3 CD1-4/11, start Injections on CD13, ET scheduled- 4/29
             CD12 u/s & bw- Lining 8.7, estrogen 335, cleared for ET in one week!
             CD19 ET- Two Grade 4AA Blast transferred one with assisted hatching
             4dpt- POAS = BFP!....POAS everyday after = DARKER! FX!
             Beta #1- 703!  Beta #2- 4,004! 
             First U/S, 5wk0d- TWO gest sacs, Both with yolk sacs and a fetal pole both measuring 3d ahead!
    ((Thank you LORD, praying these LO grow, grow, grow!)) 
    **Due date Jan 14th- Boy/Girl twins**


  • Congrats, they are beautiful!

    DOR and AMA
    2/12-5/12: 4 IUI cycles = all BFN;
    7/12: DE IVF # 1 (with ICSI)- 20R, 16M, 14F, 5DT of 2 blasts; 6 frosties = BFN;
    Lupus anticoagulant initially high, then found to be normal on hematology consult;
    Follow up testing in September all clear;
    Started synthroid for "high normal" TSH;
    FET # 1- late October 2012- BFP on FRER; beta # 1- 21(low), beta # 2- 48 (still low), beta # 3- 132, beta # 4- 1,293; beta # 5- 5,606; last beta- over 100,000. First u/s 11/21- heard heartbeat
    12/12- Officially an OB patient!
    Level 2 ultrasound at 20 weeks shows vasa previa and VCI
    Referral to MFM and mandatory c section for delivery
    Beautiful baby girl born at 34 weeks
    Finally home after 15 day NICU stay!
    Trying for sibling: FET # 2- May 2014; beta 5/31, BFN
    FET #3, early July 2014; beta 7/14, BFN
    DE IVF # 2- August 2014; 14R, 13M, 11F, 5dt of 2 blasts (3 AA), 5 frosties = BFN
    FET #4- December 2014, yet another BFN

    Dr. KK work up shows borderline uterine blood flow, elevated NK cells, and MTHFR mutation (homozygous for c677t)

    Added baby aspirin, prednisone, supplements, Metanx, and intralipids

    Switched to large clinic for final attempt; had endometrial receptivity testing in January; FET March 2015 = yet another BFN

    Likely OAD- NBC

  • I am so happy for you and truly proud! You have been though hell and back to have these girls and never gave up! A true inspiration to me and so many of us here and wishing you the best years with those beautiful babes!!!
    Me 34 and DH 39 married in aug. 2002
    Did 5 round of clomid 2010 =BFN
     High levels of NK CELLS DX sept.2012 DOR:# 0.02 
    IVF #1 May 2012  ER 4, EF 2, ET 2 =BFN
    MINI IVF Oct.2012  Cancelled 10-27-12
    Ivf #3 Antagonist Protocol April 2013
    Shared cycle..Donor cycled in July Got 12 eggs 9 fertilized and 8 frozen!!
    DE FET #1 Sept. 3rd 2013 FIRST BFP EVER 5dp5dt
    miscarried Sept 24th at 5 weeks 5 days
    Etopic  D&C and hysterscopy Nov 5 2013
    dx with pre genetic blood clotting dec 2013
    FET #2 Jan 31st  2014 
    Miscarried for a second time again at 5 weeks 5 days
    Currently fostering to adopt an amazing little 1 year old boy..P.J!
    FET#3  is Oct 29th 2014
    BFN on fet #3
    Last and FINAL FET coming JAN 28th 2015
    Everyone Welcome

  • Congrats on your beautiful little bundles of joy! Sorry your induction/process took so long, but I can see that they were definitely worth the wait! And I'm so excited our little ones are birthday buddies! How fun! Enjoy your time with them and congrats again!

    TTC since April 2010
    BFP #1 – March 2011, missed m/c April 2011
    BFP #2 – October 2011, m/c November 2011
    Surprise BFP #3 – December 2011, diagnosed as cornual, terminated January 2012
    BFP #4 – June 2012, m/c July 2012
    Diagnosed with bicornuate ute and MTHR gene mutation
    BFP #5 – October 2012, missed m/c November 2012
    BFP #6 – January 2013, m/c March 2013
    No longer TTC. Diagnosis: Hostile ute. Heartbroken and bitter. Pursuing surrogacy.
    June 2013 - Carrier found! Could this really happen?!
    ~All AL always welcome~

  • Congrats!!!! So soooooo happy for you!

    April 2013 DE IVF= BFN

    September 2013 DE IVF (Fingers Crossed) = BFFFN! again...

    October 2013 FET of our last 2 = Beta Hellzz for 6-7 Weeks. M/C

  • I'm in tears! I'm so sorry you had such a crappy start, but I'm soooooo over-the-moon happy for how the story ended! Congrats on your beautiful girls!
    Married 2007
    3 Clomid IUIs -- BFNs
    IVF #1 never made it to transfer
    On "egg health" cocktail DHEA/CoQ10/FRC/Pregnitude/Melatonin
    Starting IVF #2 for Feb 2013
    Cancelled mid-cycle due to high P4 levels early on.
    OCPs again for IVF 2.5 mid-March. IVF 2.5 transferred two "gorgeous" 5-day blasts and BFFN. Even REI is baffled
    On indefinite hold until a huge stroke of serendipity led me to IVF 3 May 2014
    Testing found positive cardiolipins/APS, now on lovenox and intralipid infusions
    Transfer of 2 5-day blasts and (FINALLY) BFFP!! 1st ultrasound shows two sacs and two HB, but one is sluggish, almost expecting vanishing twin Subsequent ultrasound confirmed vanishing twin, but my other Little critter looks fantastic!
    "You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it."
    -- Margaret Thatcher

  • Oh, McIrish - I am crying happy tears for you :') What a wonderful story - enjoy every single second with your beautiful girls! Congratulations!!!

    Me: 32 DH: 35  TTC#1 since March 2012
    Dx: Poor Embryo Quality, Arcuate Uterus, Poor Uterine Blood Flow, Mild Endo, 
           Protein S Deficiency, Sjorgen's Syndrome 

    IUI #1-5: BFN
    Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy: minimal endo, partial septoplasty
    IVF #1: 10R/6M/6F ~ Day 3 ET = BFN
    IVF #2: 14R/9M/5F ~ transfer canceled ~ all embryos arrested at 1-2 cell stage
    IVF #3: 9R/5M/5F ~ 1 frosty!
    IVF #4 (FET #1): BFN

    IVF #5 (DE IVF #1 with Dr. KK protocol): Currently PREGNANT!!!!!!
    Synthroid + Prednisone + Metformin + Baby Aspirin + Supplements Galore = 15+ pills a day
    Lupron + Lovenox + Delestrogen + IVIG + B/W = 2-5 pokes a day
    19R, 17M, 17F - transferred two Grade A blasts 11/16, four frosties!!!
    Beta #1 11/24 (13dpo/8dp5dt) = 367 ~ Beta #2 11/26 (15dpo/10dp5dt) = 709
    Beta #3 11/29 (18dpo/13dp5dt) = 1,997 ~ Beta #4 12/1 (20dpo/15dp5dt) = 3,403


    My Blog: Running and Dreaming for Two ~ All are Welcome!
  • Congrats!! Beautiful girls!!
    Married April 9, 2011
    TTC since October 2011
    Me 34, DH 40

    IUI #5 w/ Tamoxifen+Ovidrel+Acupuncture Oct 24, 2014-->BFP!!! EDD July 17, 2015. Panorama=low risk...and it's a GIRL!
    DD born July 10, 2015
    Trying for baby #2!
    IUI #1 w/ Tamoxifen+Ovidrel+Acupuncture July 10, 2017-->BFP!!! EDD Apr 2, 2018. Panorama=low risk...and another GIRL!

    BabyFetus Ticker
  • Congratulations on your little beauties, McIrish!!! Isn't it amazing how far you've come?! :)


    Happiest of happy Thanksgivings, McIrish, old friend--and new mom!
    me - 41 (dx: DOR); DH - 53 (no problems); 7/18/09 - married!; 8/4/09 - BFP on first (real)try; 9/14/09 - missed m/c; 9/15/09 - d&c; 11/09 - 3/10 - 4 natural cycles = BFN; 4/10 - dx hyperthyroidism caused by Graves' disease; 6/10 - thyroidectomy; 7/10 - 12/10 - 1 natural and 5 medicated IUI cycles = BFN; 1/11 - new RE; dx low ovarian reserve (AMH .42; 1/26/11 -- BFP (ectopic) from IUI #6; methotrexate 2/10/11; 6/2/11 - IVF #1 = BFN; 9/12/11 - prescreening for DE; 9/15/11 - IUI #7 (unmedicated)= BFN; 11/8 - begin DE cycle (shared risk program); 12/5 - ER (5 eggs/4 mature/3 fertilized/2 left by day 5) 12/10 - ET of one 1BB blast (expanded, "fair" quality), none to freeze; 12/22 - totally shocked by +hpt; beta #1 = 413; #2 = 3952 2/14 - CVS reveals a healthy baby girl! EDD: 8/27/12 DD born 8/31/12, 10 lbs 10 oz and perfect in every way. 
  • They are stunning!! I am so very happy for you. Congrats!
    ******************** BFP Warning *******************
    I'm 29 and DH is 32 we have a MFI (low count) 
    IVF #1 starting in August. ER 9/5/13 23 eggs we are fertilizing 15. 9 frozen
    ET 9/10 - transferred 1 perfect 5AA blast
    7dp5dt BFP ~~ Beta on 9/19 - 77.4 Beta #2 on 9/21 - 357
    Low heartbeat on 10/7 86, lower heartbeat on 10/11 76, no heartbeat 10/14/13. D&C 10/15/13
    Tests revealed MTHFR c677t mutation, put on Folgard.
    FET #1 1/6/14 - 4BB blast - BFN
    FET #2 - 3/3/14 - 5AB Blast -- Beta #1 3/12 - 152 -- Beta #2 3/14 - 358
    FET #3 06/09/16 - 5AB Blast - Beta #1 6/18- 245 -- Beta #2 06/20 - 600
     PAIF/SAIF/PAL/SAL welcome!

  • Just wanted to say that I'm THRILLED for you, as someone who watched your journey for a long time, also experienced my own, and also knows the joy of twin girls post c-sec and how powerfully it healed the pain I'd felt along the way. Wishing you ALL THE BEST. P.S. C-sections rock. I felt great almost immediately, like you did.
    D (34), J (37) and T3 (ages 2, 2 and brand new)
    Nov '10: IVF#1: BFP! Girl. Missed m/c at 14 weeks. Devastated
    Apr '11: IVF#2: BFP! Twin Girls born on Dec 3, 2011 at 31w5d! One month in NICU.
    Oct '13: IVF#3: BFP! Girl born Jun 19, 2014 at 38w3d!
  • Congratulations! So happy for you.
    TTC since 3/08 DOR, High FSH, Hypothyroid, Uterine Polyps, blocked tube, MFI, 5 rounds of clomid, 5 IVF attempts, 2 hysteroscopies, 2 natural conceptions=2 losses (Methotrexate, D&C) Successful DE cycle twins born 10/7/11 Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • I know I have been gone awhile, but I am so thrilled for you. Congrats
    BabyFetus Ticker

    Me-39, HSG 2/13- clear. DS-IUI #1-3/13,300iu Menopur 12 days,3 days Cetrotide, Ovidrel Trigger-BFN. IUI #2 06/13, BFP EDD: 02/22/14 m/c (cp), IUI #3- BFP EDD: 5/17/14 m/c 09/13. Blood work/RPL panel- nk cell/MTHFR mutation- negative. Blood work all good. Unexplained reason for m/c. IUI #4 BFP m/c (cp) 10/13. IUI #5- 12/13 Cancelled. No response. (1)follicle. IUI #5.1- 2/14. IVF Bound

    ********************SAIF/ PAIF/ ALL ARE WELCOME***********************
  • CONGRATULATIONS!!! So excited for you! You give me so much hope!!
    TTC since 11/09
    me: 39 DH: 36  dx: unexplained (ugh) 

    January 2011 - December 2012: 4 cycles w/Clomid; 9 IUIs w/Follistim & Menopur;  two IVF cycles converted to IUI (poor response/dominant follicle) 

    August 2014 IVF (antagonist protocol: Menopur, Follistim, Ganirelix, dexamethasone): 13 eggs, 9 mature, 8 fertilized w/ICSI; 0 frozen, 3 transferred day 5 = BFN

    October 2014 IVF (micro-lupron protocol: mircrolupron, Menopur, Follistim, dexamethasone): 8 eggs, 4 mature, 3 fertilized w/ICSI; 3 transferred day 3 = BFP! Beta 1=121; Beta 2=287; Beta 3 =678. Miscarriage @ 8w2d. :(
  • cannot stop crying  so happy for you
    Trying to Conceive Ticker
  • Mrs. McIrish - I was up till the wee hours of the night last night and just finished reading your entire blog.  You had me laughing, crying and oh so happy to read your entire story.  I said congrats before and that was before knowing your entire journey.  OMG, so happy for you and I hope all is going well with the girls.

    Failed Matches - December 2012, May 2013, December 2013
    Moved on to  gestational surrogacy with a family friend who is our angel and due 7/23/15

  • Omg happy for you and your DH, kitties too. You are one of the success stories. Just a random check on my old websites and there they and beautiful. I m sure more wonderful than you had ever imagined.
    TTC since 2009 very frustrated 42yr and DH 40

    5 cycles of Clomid with satisfactory response=BFN's
    Fibroid removal Nov2010
    IUI Clomid #1 Feb 2011...BFN..damn it!
    IUI Inject's #2 Apr 2011...CANCELLED...low estradiol
    IUI Inject's #3 June 2011...BFN
    IUI Inject's #4 Sept2011...BFFN
    Lap Dec 2011...severe endo..cyst removed..some remains...
    IVF#1 Apr 2012 ....cancelled due to over suppression
    IVF#2 July 2012....6 follies...only 1 retrieved....BFFN
    surgery suggested to move ovary to an better placement but....we moved two time zones away and are financially and emotionally empty

  • Omg happy for you and your DH, kitties too. You are one of the success stories. Just a random check on my old websites and there they and beautiful. I m sure more wonderful than you had ever imagined.

    Thx sweetie- hope you are well.

    TTC #1 since 8/1/10; Me:41 and BRCA1+, DH:46
    DOR (FSH 24.3)/ terrible egg quality ; homozygous MTHFR c677t
    5 IUI's: 2/11 to 6/11 and 1/12= BFN
    OE IVF#1-4 8/11-6/12= all BFN
    DE IVF#1 11/12 bad embryos= BFN
    DE IVF #2 2/13 BFP/Beta hell: m/c 5w6d
    CFNBC 7 months, not doing well; decided on guarantee program at RBA w/frozen DE
    DE IVF #3 1/14  ET 4BB; BFP;M/C 5w1d, incomplete m/c; MVA extraction in ER 7w1d

    DE FET#1 ET 3/1714; BFP, beta 1 3/27= 197, beta 2 3/31= 1586, beta 3 4/7= 13879!!
    First u/s= Twins with HBs at 6w2d! We are Team Pink x 2!!

    K & K born 11/21/14 at 38wks 4 days


    SAIF/PAIF Welcome

  • Congratulations!! 
    TTC#1 since Aug 2013, I'm 37, DH 41.  
    Maya Arvigo Abdominal massage (daily self care), plus TTC meditations.
    I'm very sensitive to diet (gluten, avoid processed foods) and environment. Have a history of inflammation and tendinitis before going off gluten in 2009.  
    July 2014 - RE Visit #1: Eggs look good, Endometrioma on R ovary, HSG showed blocked R tube close to ovary. DH SA normal 
    DX: Endometriosis probably the IF cause and gunking up tubes.  Since egg reserve is high, RE says I can wait a couple months and then get laproscopic surgery to remove endo & clear tube.  If that doesn't help then move to IVF. 
    Dec 2014 - Saw new RE - does not recommend surgery on tube as it isn't likely to help.  Doubts I have endometriosis.  My endometrioma shrunk to neglible size (yay!) 
    Seriously considering IVF in March/April
    12/17/14 - Natural BFP! 
  • Congratulations! They are beautiful.

  • I haven't been on here in soooo long, but I'm overjoyed at your news and your beautiful girls.  Congratulations on your sweet little ones!!
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