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When and why did your LO laugh?

My LO is such a happy girl! Always smiling but hasn't giggled or laughed yet. She's 2 months old and I just want to hear that beautiful sound! Tell me your story!

Re: When and why did your LO laugh?

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  • I'm getting smiles (and loving them!) but no laughs or giggles yet. She's changing so fast though lately, I'm sure it will be soon.
  • I got a full on shoulder bouncing giggle the other day. I was holding him & making a silly noise that always gets him smiling. He was just loving it. It was the cutest thing!
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  • We are close, but none yet. Sometimes when she gives me a really big smile it seems like she's trying to laugh, but just hasn't figured it out yet.
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  • LO gives us a laugh now and then. The first time was when my aunt was visiting and we were laughing about something and he joined in! It was so cute and surprising.

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  • DS thinks it's hilarious when I'm wiping away his spitup/drool. That's when I get the biggest smiles and giggles from him. I'm glad he thinks spitup is funny, because I sure don't.
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  • Aww, we're behind! LO is 8 weeks and just started to smile (that is, smile when it's not gas =). I hope we get bigger smiles and a giggle soon!
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  • DS has been doing this sleep giggle thing for a while. He smiles and coos when he's awake, but the only real giggles I get are when he is sleeping. I guess he's having a silly "dream." I wish I knew what was going on in his mind.

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  • Not yet, but close. I was lucky with dd and caught it on camera. She was having fun in the bathtub.
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  • The only time my little guy has laughed so far was at 6 weeks when he was on the boob and he giggled in his sleep. Other than that only smiles. I think we have a few more weeks to go for giggles.
  • So far she's laughed once when I was taking off her socks, which I think tickled her feet, and then once last night when DH and I were undressing her. She smiles all the time and has "conversations" with me where she makes noises in response to me talking so I'm definitely looking forward to more laughter from her. :)
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  • DD is just starting to smile at things other than gas (she's 6w1d)...no giggles yet, but they'r probably just around the corner.


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