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All the swears

What swear words has your LO picked up? How are you handling it?

T says Jesus Christ. She says it with such enthusiasm. Yesterday she did a poo in her diaper and I tipped it into the toilet. When she saw it, she exclaimed "Jesus Christ, it's enormous!" I try so hard not to react, but I had to laugh at that one.
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Re: All the swears

  • C will literally repeat anything and everything we say. That includes "douchebag" and "whack ass bitch". It's always been a one time thing, we don't acknowledge it, and she just forgets. We've also been watching the language a lot more lately, which is something I'm working on, bc I totally have a potty mouth.

    The only thing that stuck is "dammit", bc she got a big reaction out of it. We were grocery shopping with my mom, and my mom forgot something and said "dammit", to which C immediately said "dammit? Dammit!! DAMMIT!" And my mom was totally horrified and the more she tried to shush C, the louder C got. I was laughing my ass off. The looks on their faces were priceless- C gleefully yelling "dammit" and my mom just mortified. C still does say dammit on occasion now. Usually around my mom.
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  • The worst thing dd2 says is "dang it!" I'm pretty careful around her she repeats everything. Dd1 was not like that. She apologizes when she says god instead of gosh'
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  • We generally dont swear...well I I do more than DH- he never ever ever does. DD does not talk much yet but once she did say "really?" Back at me like I say to her.

  • A says "seriously?!?" a lot, just like me. I tend to grunt or whisper my curses though rather than say them out loud. When I get angry and show frustration she says "Momma! No no no Momma! Calm!" It's a good grounder for me. LOL

    Hee grandpa drops F bombs all the time around her and it irritates me.


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  • Thankfully she hasn't picked up on much, except, "Oh God"... even daycare has written on her sheet that they are working on "Oh Goodness" and "Oh Gosh" with her... whoops. 

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