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"Stranger anxiety"

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Anyone's babies gone (or going) through "stranger anxiety phase", how long?  How do you cope and go out, family gatherings, introduce new (and old from before) faces, etc.?  I read it can peak at 10-15 months and up to 24 months??  She is mostly social with us and grandparents.  The pediatrician said it happens and will pass and her child was the same way.
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Re: "Stranger anxiety"

  • Well, DS is only 6.5 months, so not gone through it yet, but I do see and deal with it a lot in the hospital setting with my patients.  One of the best things you can do is have people talk to YOU (the parent) first.  LO will watch your positive reaction and be a little more apt to respond better.  It'll be worse if strangers just come up and get all up in LO's space, because they'll look to you for comfort...if you provide that first then they'll cope better and understand the context better.
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  • Ds 6m is similar like that with strangers. But he also acts with family n friends scared or something n might even start crying if he doesn't see someone in a few weeks or so
  • My lil man is almost 8 months old and he started at just about 7 months old.  Right around Thanksgiving he just wanted mama and then from then on he started with the stranger anxiety.  He also started crawling right before Thanksgiving and they say developmentally when a baby realizes that you can walk away or they can walk away, they start to react to that.  

    Talking to baby while you're walking away to the bathroom or out of sight helps.  Handing baby off and reacting positively when new people are around helps. If you do leave, don't come back, be firm saying "bye, I love you" and leave without return.  Also each person that stays with them needs to find their own way to calm and soothe baby.  Each person has their own way just like you have your own way. 

    With me... I try to hand him off to all my friends... and I socialize him as much as possible around other babies but also other mommies/daddies.  I ask people to hold him while I put on jackets or shoes or something as simple as pour myself a drink.  I even have some of my mommy friends help when he falls or needs someone so that he can get used to me still being there but others responding.  Just making sure that every reaction and interaction is positive and that ultimately you're there will help her to cope!

  • DS went thru this early and it only lasted 2-3 weeks, thank goodness!
  • my LO is seven months and my DH is at college so we dont see or family much, one thongs that helps is putting pictures of our family in LOs bdrm and we point them out to him everyday. it takes a minute for him to warm up but its better than it was!
  • My LO has been going through that for a month now, he's almost 7 months. He's fine around my husband and I and grandparents, just not around other people he doesn't see as much.
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