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What are your thoughts about alliteration? I have always avoided it but it seems this time I am drawn to C names more and more. Last name rhymes with Box (I made that difficult to figure out) these are some names I am loving lately. None are DH approved just wanting to get a feel first.

Alliteration? 91 votes

12% 11 votes
16% 15 votes
Coraline/Coralie (no to Caroline or Cora)
15% 14 votes
0% 0 votes
56% 51 votes

Re: Alliteration?

  • I *love* Calliope!
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  • whatevs89whatevs89 member
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    Is Cecelia the correct spelling? I am unsure, but I think I like it more!

    Nevermind. I will stick with the original!
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  • Worked for Courtney Cox just fine. I don't think I would do Constance Cox though...

    My favorite C names are Carissa, Calixta and Carys. 

  • I love Calliope as well! It is my favorite but I hate the nn Callie so I would have to shut our families down fast!
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    Cecilia. <--That's the original Italian spelling by the way, also the spelling used by the saint. I'd stick with that one. You can still use a NN like Cece if needed even if the name isn't spelled Cecelia. I'm a terrible speller but that looks so wrong, even to me. 

    I'm also kinda diggin' on Constance NN Connie these days in a Mad Men sort of way.

    ETA: I'm not a fan of alliteration in general; it reads too comic book character-y to me. Cecilia would have been my favorite anme on the list anyway.
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  • Steph1673Steph1673 member
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    I have no problem with alliteration as long as it's not rhyme or singsongy. That's more of an issue for me. It also depends on the letter for me, if that make sense.

    I have a Claire C. so I like where you are going with this C thing ;-) I think a lot of C's sounds good together. That being said I didn't try to have alliteration; I just loved a C name and it does sound good with our last name. This next one will not have a C name.

    ETA: With your last name and your choices, I chose Cecilia.
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  • I'm in love with Coraline!

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  • I think Coraline or Coralie are my favorites on your list, but Cora Cox sounds weird. Constance (constant) Cox would also be a no.
  • I'm in love with Coraline lately, but I'm not a fan of Coralie as a fn. it would be an ok nn though.

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    Cecelia wouldn't really be alliteration since it doesn't have a hard C like your last name...I like it best of your options!

    ETA: if you don't like Cora, I would stay away from Coraline/Coralie because I think people may assume Cora as a nn.
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  • Love love love Cosette!!!!!
  • Cecelia is a soft "C" and not so alliterative in that way. I also like Celia.
  • As an English nerd, I'm a big fan of alliteration. With a last name like Cox though, I'd avoid names that would lead to sexual puns and teasing. I'd definitely cross Constance off that list.

    I voted Cecilia, but my fave C names are Catherine, Clara, Claire, and Cassiopeia.
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  • Alliteration doesn't bother me generally, but I prefer only the first letter (or more accurately, sound) be repeated. For example, Coraline and Cecilia sound fine to me with "Box" because the vowels in those names differ from the -o in "Box". But Constance sounds too rhymey to me because its first two letters produce the same sound as the first two letters of your ln. 
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