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Possible egg allergy and flu shot?

Hi ladies, I usually post on A14 board but someone recommended this one, so here I am. Long story short, DD is 5 mos old and after doing a total elimination diet for a while, for the past 2 months we've narrowed it down to egg, dairy and soy. In my gut I think it's egg, but I guess time will tell. Anyway, apparently the flu vaccine has egg in it. Does anyone know if it would affect her the same way as if I ate the food? I called the GI doctor this morning and the nurse said to call my GP, who said to call GI.....

Re: Possible egg allergy and flu shot?

  • I would not hesitate to get it. My DD's are both allergic to eggs and have never reacted to the flu shot.

    Doctors' offices have a "flu vaccine protocol" for people with egg allergies. My DD's started out getting their flu vaccines at the allergist's office. They did a skin test with the flu vaccine to see if there was any reaction first. They did not react to it, so they administered the vaccine and had us wait there for a while to make sure there was no reaction.

    Of course, each individual with an egg allergy needs to consult their allergist and decide on if/how they can get the flu vaccine.

    In your case, I would get the vaccine. I really don't think there's enough egg protein in it to cause your DD any problems.

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  • Some pediatricians will give it, but as others said the allergy doctor will do it if your doctor won't. Mine told me there should be no issue giving it to a child with an egg allergy. That said I didn't have my son get it but it does seem ok to do it,
  • My DD has egg allergy and gets the flu shot every year. She got the first shot before we found out about the allergies. at first her Pediatrician gave her the shot, but now her allergist gives the shot. 

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