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Baby face rash

Hi moms!
My boy is 5 months old and he has a rash on his checks and chin and a bit on nose. I have a doctor appointment next week but I'm just wondering if any of you know what it might be and how to treat and prevent it. Yesterday it calmed down a little but this morning he woke up with it worse again :(

Re: Baby face rash

  • Is he drooling a lot? I find my LO has irritated cheeks in the morning after he's drooled a lot in his sleep with his head to the side, so his cheek is basically sitting in a puddle of drool while he sleeps.

    Or, has he been outside in the cold? Wind burn?

    Or, eczema?

    My LO has sensitive cheeks too. I put Aquaphor on them after tub to try to protect them.
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  • He wasn't outside so no wind burn. Eczema? Not sure.. But he does put his hands in his mouth a lot so it might be from all the saliva. :-S
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  • What can I put on his face that's not going to harm him if he licks it by accident? His hands are always in his mouth n face so I'm concerned about him eating some of the lotion. Any suggestions?
  • I rub a tiny bit of coconut oil on my little ones cheeks before bed, we still swaddle so I know he can't rub it, it seems to be helping.
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  • My son has that, too( along with dry skin, exzema etc. lol). His doesn't feel dry, right? I think it's just a reaction to the cold or teething or a combination. My little guy just cut both bottom teeth one right after the other. His skin is so easily irritated that anything can do it.
  • I would try coconut oil or Aquaphor if it feels or looks dry. I'd avoid soaps and baby lotions.
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    I would try coconut oil or Aquaphor if it feels or looks dry. I'd avoid soaps and baby lotions.
    I'd avoid aquaphor around the mouth.  It says on the container to avoid ingesting it.

    What about lanolin?  You put it on your nipples when they're dry/chapped, why not his cheeks? 
  • My LO had that as well. We switched away from Johnson's bath stuff and lotion, and went to Aveeno baby for eczema and that did the trick on his face at least. His tummy and legs are still suffering though:( 

    Try the Aveeno stuff if you're interested though. I think before the eczema kicked in he had the same problem and we thought it was his drool/saliva as well because he was eating his fist all day:)

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  • Thank you ladies! I'll have to try something it doesn't seem to want to go away on it's own. My only concerne with lotions is indigestion problem since it will end up in his mouth..
  • My son had very bad rash all over his face at about a month ago. We treated him by washing him with an all organic calendula soap and a small amount of calendula oil rubbed on his face, the calendula wash is from earth mamas angel babies and we just bought the calendula oil off of amazon. Calendula is highly renowned on its healing properties of the skin. It's also very safe for babies. We used it also to help get rid of a very stubborn diaper rash. Also make sure that any products that you use on you baby are free of parabens, sulfates, and fragrances. Just because it says baby on the bottle doesn't mean it's safe for baby. The FDA lets a lot of crap slide by. I have seen the ingredients in Johnson & Johnson products and just cringe wondering how parents use that stuff on their babies delicate skin. I guess they just don't understand how toxic some of those chemicals are. <==== that's the good stuff right there.
  • I second the aveeno eczema baby lotion! I used it in the morning and before bed on my sons face and his skin irritation cleared up in just a few days.
  • Thank you ladies! I hope something works..
  • Is he teething?  My DS has that slapped-cheek look every now and again @ almost 6 months.  He's cutting his 5th tooth and seems to get those same rosy cheeks on bad teething days.  DS has eczema also and I use Aquaphor after baths, but I also decreased baths to twice weekly to avoid him get excessively dry.  That has seriously helped the dry skin more than any lotion has.  I've tried a bunch.  Anyways, hope that helps.
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  • My DS has eczema and we have been using Aveeno's Eczema lotion. It works great!




  • Change his bib often bc they shove wet nasty bib in their moth with their fist. I mix a dab of over the counter hydrocortisone with cetaphil for the face after baths....then when his rash went away I only use Cetaphil pediatrician told me not to wash it off because it's a pretty good moisturizer For the rest of his body I did the same thing but hydrocortisone with Aquaphor. For all the moms concerned that don't eat lotion off their hands. Its non-toxic plus gets absorbed so they shouldn't really be ingesting much if any lotion at all Or better yet just don't put lotion on their hands
  • Elbug said:

    I think his skin just look angry like a heat rash.  I would just make sure the area is clean and unless the area is dry probably wouldn't put any lotions on.  My kid has severe eczema so I've been through skin rash hell and have found for the most part less fuss usually is better. 

    Side note for people using aquaphor - make sure the skin is moisturized first then put the aquaphor on.  Aquaphor does not moisturize it just add a security layer to hold moisture in.  If you put it on dry skin you're just locking in dry skin.   

    I swear by Aquaphor, good to know thank you!!!!
  • My little guy has similar stuff going with his cheeks and the only thing that helps is aquaphor
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