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Monday Positives

Since I am an emotional rain cloud, I decided to try and think of some positive things to bring me out of it. Anyone have positives to share? Things you're looking forward to? Jokes? 

Mine: Within the next six weeks or so all of the maternity lines will bring out the spring/summer collection which means shorts and dresses! Woo Hoo! 

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Re: Monday Positives

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  • I brought mega stuffed oreos to work with me today.
    Oh my gawd! I want!!!

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  • I got my doctors appointment Thursday and really hope to either hear the heartbeat (for the first time), or see the baby on US screen again!!! :-) can't wait!!
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  • It's not as cold as it has been here and the sun is out!

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  • I just ate a huge rice krispy treat (from our cafeteria - far better than packaged) after I had my healthy lunch of Panera Lentil soup. Balanced, right? Justification - I'm likely going to go to the gym this PM AND I don't get to eat anything until after my 11:30 surgery tomorrow. So, gotta make up for those calories somewhere...

    Got to see baby today! They weren't able to get the NT Scan reading, given baby's unhelpful position, but I'm honestly uncharacteristically at peace with that. I don't even feel compelled to try to reschedule it, even though I'm not outside of the "readability window." Onward!
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  • Slamar3, it was my birthday weekend, too! I had leftover chocolate cake for breakfast and it was amazing. Also, I think I'm nesting already. I cleaned out the closet (something I've been putting off for 12+ months) and sorted a bunch of baby clothes from my other two children. So productive!
  • DD slept until 7 yesterday, and 7:15 today.  I was still up, but it was very nice!
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  • I'm getting a massage this week and get to hear baby's heartbeat again next week! Love having things to look forward to. : )
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  • I have an appt Thursday after waiting six long weeks! And I'll be in my 2nd Trimester this week. 13w3d on Wed. And less than 6 weeks until my A/S!
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  • I'm also officially 14 weeks today which is making this Monday so much happier. I also just found out the bloodwork from my first trimester screening was good (along with a good scan) so I'm feeling very grateful for that as well. Also working on planning a babymoon trip. We're doing something different- renting a house and inviting some couples we adore for one last child-free vacation. (DH and I will likely still do a smaller getaway with just the two of us as well.) So I'm really excited about that since we had to cancel Christmas travel plans due to bed rest. I am just having a good day despite the fact that its a rainy and gloomy day in New York.
  • It's my first day back at work after 3 weeks off, which is a bit of a drag, but I realized how much I missed my awesome students. They are so much fun, and I really like being around them.
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  • I have had a no-fun-busy-crazy-frustrating day at work and I logged on for a bump break because I still have way more to do before I go home but couldn't muster any motivation...and then I saw, "Monday Positives" and thought, Oh my goodness, I really can't stomach a bunch of rainbows and puppy dogs bullshit right now...but clicked anyway.  And reading through all this fun stuff actually made me feel a million times better.  And helped me decided what I'm going to cook for dinner: fudgy brownies!

    And my positive is that we couldn't really decide on a babymoon and I wasn't really excited about anywhere.....until yesterday!  I think we are going to a fancy bed/breakfast with a spa and indoor pool and I'm going to get a maternity massage!

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  • The sun is shining and it's about 15 degrees warmer out than it has been the last three weeks. It's a beautiful winter day :smile:

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  • Seahawks won on Saturday!

    The sun is out!

    And just got done with my NT scan where I got to see my cute littlest baby wiggling around :smile:
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  • Love this thread!

    I got cake today. And even though it poured out all day, I was working so I didnt miss out on anything. :)
  • 1.5 days until my 12 week scan. ONLY ONE AND A HALF DAYS!!

    Plus my DVR is full of goodness: Girls, Downton Abbey, Modern Family, and the college football championship starts soon!

    I had a really shitty day and this thread really helped. Thanks OP!
    abcdefghijk12345678[Deleted User]KatrinaPR
  • My babys finally sleeping! I love bedtime it's my favorite part of the day!
    [Deleted User]KatrinaPR
  • We had a great NT scan yesterday! Everything looks just fine! Baby kicked and waved for us it was amazing. And Peanut's profile looks like my DH!
  • valigrl21 said:

    Seahawks won on Saturday!

    The sun is out!

    And just got done with my NT scan where I got to see my cute littlest baby wiggling around :smile:

    Glad you got to see your baby! My husband and I took our honeymoon in Seattle this past October. Anytime someone mentions the Seahawks it just makes me think of Mighty-O Donuts and I get super hungry. (They do football themed donuts on game day.)

  • I had my Nt Scan for the twins today and found out they are both most likely. girls with very strong heartbeats :)
  • Oh & I just realized its not Monday lol how embarrassing
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