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Any ladies on baby #3 showing much sooner than the last 2?


  • I'm over 10 weeks with baby #4 and not showing. Baby is still tucked away. Lots of bloat though!
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  • It sure feels like it! 10w with #3 hopeful (6th pregnancy altogether). All my research says it's not unheard of for many to begin showing by this point. Even the little video on this website!

    I'm still banking on bloat but enjoying it anyway :)
  • I've heard and seen it with those on the third pregnancies, but I can't honestly confirm if its bloat.  The baby is definitely not any bigger than it normally would be, though.  
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  • My sister just had her third baby and she showed a lot sooner than with the first two. There was no way she was keeping it past 12 weeks
  • I'm on number two and my belly is now sticking out farther than my rack. It is really obvious that I am pregnant, at only 10 weeks. Here's hoping it doesn't get any bigger for awhile, just firmer as the baby fills it out.
  • 11 weeks 2 days and yes my bump is in progress but only I notice thank god. Not telling till I'm 13weeks after first ultrasound. So better not get much bigger till then 4th preg only one successful.
  • This is my second pregnancy and I'm 9 weeks and no where near showing. I can still wear my size 2 work pants :). This is thrilling considering the amount of weight I gained with my first!
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  • With my first, I started showing around 22 weeks. With my second, I was showing around 16/17 weeks. I think I've got some bloat at 8 weeks, but that's it.

  • I'm on my third and it's almost undeniable that I'm pregnant. Several people have already guessed before me telling them. My muscles have just "assumed the position." It's obviously not the baby as I can feel right where my uterus is, but this stomach is still undeniably pregnant!
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  • #3 here and nope. I am really bloated after dinner but not baby.

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    #3 for me, 9 weeks, and stomach is flatter than before I was pregnant. I've learned that the "alcohol is very bloating" advice is true!

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    @bpwife&;mama  I love your son's name ;)  

    ETA: How do I get the dumb tagging to work with the & in her name?
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  • Yes... I'm 11 weeks tomorrow and this is my third as well. I bought a belly band because my pants are no longer buttoning sigh not much but it is a little something
  • I don't think so..

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  • I am 11w with two baking here. I gained weight because lack of ms + eating everything in sight = getting fat.

    Right there with you. I had terrible nausea and the only thing that killed it was/ is chowing down. 11 weeks and growing two :)

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  • Number 3 here, I know it's not baby but things are moving around down there and I can see a difference. Always prided myself on a flat tummy and yup - no more!
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  • I am just starting to barely show and I'm 11 weeks. I don't think a stranger would know, but my husband and myself notice it. And the women at the lab today before I checked in [-X
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  • 12 weeks tomorrow and 3rd pregnancy. I can still button my jeans and only feel tightness after a big dinner. Only food babies are showing for me.
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  • It's not baby this early but I do think bodied are just expanding remembering what to do
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  • @bpwife&;mama  I love your son's name ;)  

    ETA: How do I get the dumb tagging to work with the & in her name?
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  • image

    I'll just leave this here.

    I'm 10 weeks, so I'm out behind the bush but still hidden behind the pubic bone.
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  • I'm 10w1d today, 1st preg. I have had no MS and been ravenous ly hungry. Gained atlesst 4lbs. But exhausted So I have been not physically active, actually down right lazy and have had digestive issues... so I think my bump that I see is all just bloat and straight up fat from eating everything in site lol
  • I am on my third baby. My uterus is measuring 13 weeks and has already popped above my pubic bone (confirmed by the doctor today. I'm not a crazy cakes.) But I'm just 10 weeks tomorrow.
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  • image I'll just leave this here. I'm 10 weeks, so I'm out behind the bush but still hidden behind the pubic bone.
    Ug one poster was constantly posting this on my last bmb. It was obnoxious. When you have had multiple children you start out with a larger uterus. So you have a head start. There's other stuff in there besides your uterus, and it all has to get pushed out of the way, so that doesn't help either. Also, your muscles will never be the same. Some people do show sooner, but not everyone is textbook. If it doesn't ever go down its not bloat. Your body just remembers and starts changing sooner.
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  • I think everyone is different and websites say different things about when you might begin to show. I have definitely read and heard from others with experience that you are likely to show sooner after your first child. Personally this is my first and even if I am showing at 10.5 weeks the bloat overwhelms it but I can't wait to show. Also to say everyone will show at the exact same time seems ludacris... everyone is built differently and progressing slightly differently.
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  • Ha!!! Thanks!!
  • Miz_Liz said:

    Not understanding why this post was resurrected from January?! It doesn't appear relevant anymore, we are all definitely showing...

    I know!! I'm so confused :|
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