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gift ideas for baby in hospital.

Hey Moms,
  A dear friend recently had a baby boy with 22Q deletion syndrome. He has been in and out of the hospital since his birth (6 or so weeks ago) and has been home for a collective 18 days (if that). My husband and I are trying to think of what we could send them to help them in their time of need and was wondering if anyone had any ideas. They are set with dinners but if anyone was in a similar situation with their child and found something to be particularly helpful that would be great. They live long distance from us. Thanks in advance.

Re: gift ideas for baby in hospital.

  • Gift cards for gas, prepaid hospital parking, unscented hand lotion, slipper socks, cozy blankets, gift cards for restaurants that deliver to the hospital, bottles of water (it was the only thing allowed in a lot of our hospital rooms), change for the vending machine, little packs of snacks to keep in your bag
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  • Toastie named some real good suggestions.  Here are some more unusual suggestions...

    • A subscription to Netflix - saved my sanity during many hospitalizations.  
    • A gift card to 31 - If their child is like some of the other Q22 deletion kiddos that I know, they'll be carrying a lot of medical stuff with them where ever they go and a nice bag from 31 is better than the bags the hospital supplies.
    • A journal - for them to record their fears, joys and frustrations.
    • A gift card to a maid service - You house gets completely neglected when your child is in the hospital.
    • A Snoedel - for the Baby to smell mommies scent when she can't be by his side.
    • Button up pajamas for the child (not zip up) - To accommodate all the wires.
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  • Wow. Thank you so much for these amazing ideas!!
  • I second the gas cards and hand lotion. Also, call her and ask if she'd like company. When DS was in the hospital, visitors were a life saver because they were a distraction from the stress and sadness. If you're not sure what she'd like, you could always get one of those Visa gift cards that are good anywhere that accepts Visa. 
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  • Gift cards for gas
    Basket of snacks
    Gift cards for restaurant delivery to hospital
    Movies/subscription to Netflix
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  • Old post I know but if it is a close enough friend/ family member. Having someone sit with Baby or child is amazing so you can go take a shower. Our children's hospital has family showers but leaving my child alone scares the crap out of me. A shower is an amazing gift. Or having your clothes taken home and washed and returned. A home cooked meal too. If your inpatient for any amt of time hospital food, carry out all gets boring.
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