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  • Hi
    I think that you definitely need to lurk this board. This post can be hurtful to the ladies here. This board is geared towards women who have had a late term loss or loss of a child at a later age. I would recommend seeing a doctor and also lurking the other boards and reading their rules before posting.GL

  • I apologize. I have been searching boards all over the place and haven't found a place that seemed to work for my questions. I am sorry if this offends anyone, but why can't we all just support one another? I know that I don't know what it is like to lose a baby later in a term, and I don't pretend to. I know that must be a horrible, gut wrenching thing to go through. But a loss is a loss and I wish people wouldn't also try to pretend like my feelings don't matter. You probably didn't intend for your comment to come across like that, but it was hurtful to me. All I wanted was some help and now I just feel embarrassed and hurt. Maybe I made a mistake posting here, but it was an innocent mistake. I read the rules and maybe I missed something. 
  • I am so sorry for your loss. I have no experience with having a CP or a miscarriage, so I can't comment on what you are going through. I would recommend posting on the miscarriage board, as this board is geared towards late term and Infant loss, and ladies on the miscarriage board may be able to give more advice and support. I would also recommend following up with your doctor, especially if you feel it may be ectopic.

    In response to your comments to jonahsma, the reason she said your post was hurtful is that you basically walked into a room of women who have recently lost their children, into a place that is a safe space for us, and asked if we thought you might be pregnant. She did not mean to imply that your loss was less important, but just that this was not the appropriate place for your questions.

    Again, we're sorry for your loss.
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    DS1 born 6/5/10 at 40 weeks via emergency c-section due to fetal distress and IUGR caused by placental insufficiency
    DS2 born still 8/28/13 at 32 weeks via emergency c-section due to a complete placental abruption - cause unknown
    Baby #3 on the way, EDD 2/29/16.  Originally twins, but we said goodbye to Baby B at 8 weeks.
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