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Sunday night's a slow surrender (randoms)


Re: Sunday night's a slow surrender (randoms)

  • @luckystarz - so sorry. I've had to do the urine collection twice now - but I didn't have to keep it cold. Sorry it's such a hassle.
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  • I was going to get a 4d u/s done but I think I've decided against it. H thinks they're creepy so he said he didn't want to come (I was going to bring by mom, sister, and MIL), it's $175, and I'm down to a 68 day countdown till the due date. I think I can wait. I'd rather see him first with H anyway.
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  • FYI. Sunday Costco shoppers could give zero f***s that I am pregnant. I got bumped and had several near collisions with people too busy trying to grab samples to watch where they were pushing those huge carts. Never again on a Sunday.
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  • Went out to dinner and the movies with my sister (the good one) and her husband. We saw 'Top Five'. I didn't think I would, but I really enjoyed it!! So funny!! Now I'm watching 27 Dresses with my daughter and just relaxing. Hoping for a 2 hour delay tomorrow!
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  • Freckles I'm glad you're starting to feel better!

    @katydid2014‌ I bet you're excited for those items you ordered from kohls to come in! I looked at some things there but even with the 30% discount I occasionally get the price was still a lot higher than other places. Did you catch some sales? I also want to see that sniper movie. I'll be a blubbering mess but I do wanna see it like now. :)

    @janda426‌ I'm glad you had a good time at your shower. Sorry some were rude and didn't show. Have fun looking at all the baby things!

    AFM I'm still hanging at BFF's house. H made it home from his trip in one piece! Yay. BFF gave me tons and tons of baby clothes, blankets, socks, sleep sacks, etc. So excited! @mangomimosa‌ she gave me 2 Aden and Anais sleep sack things too and they are awesome! She also went through my registries with me and we got everything set up basically except the monitor. Need to pick that out still. Definitely don't expect anyone to get that for us, but maybe we can use a coupon for completion later. I've been looking between the Motorola one and Summer Infant. Gotta see which one H likes best. Fly home tomorrow :(

    Hope everyone enjoys their night!

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  • etoille said:

    Skrittens said:

    @luckystarz - so sorry. I've had to do the urine collection twice now - but I didn't have to keep it cold. Sorry it's such a hassle.

    I had to do it three times first pregnancy....i called it the Howard Hughes special.

    Hoping like hell to avoid this time. Feels so embarrassing for some reason.
    Oh, good it's not just me. I feel like I'm being punished or something. Are they just looking for protein? I know I have to have more blood drawn when I take it back. They won't call pre-e b/c my bp doesn't stay elevated, it goes up and down.
    For me it's protein. I have the same BP issue. It goes up and down. I think we figured out that it goes down when I lay on my side for extended periods of time and goes way up when I sit still for longish periods of time. I always have slightly high protein in the normal urine test but my 24 hrs always come back clean - so I avoiding the pre-e diagnosis. Fx yours will be the same!!!
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  • I still refuse to believe that "gif" has a soft g sound.

    Wuuuuut. I've never heard this...I feel so...lame.

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  • @luvsponies‌ this is how I feel about tomorrow being Monday:


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  • @chilibeansm0m @luvsponies‌ I'm still on the fence about whether I liked Neighbors or not. The only time I laughed out loud was the air bags gag.

    I think we are 95% sure on what car seat we want. We hit our local baby store today (a gazillion times better experience than BRU) and tried the Chicco Keyfit and Nuna Pipa in our car. The Nuna won by a mile. It was so easy to set up. We came home realizing we didn't install the Chicco right and after watching a couple of videos online, we didn't like what it took to install it properly. And DH loves the load leg of the Nuna. It's pricier than the Chicco, but I'm willing to splurge considering the time LO will spend in the car.

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  • I still refuse to believe that "gif" has a soft g sound.

    Wuuuuut. I've never heard this...I feel so...lame.

    I heard it on the golden globes.... I think they just want to have a monopoly on the hard g.

    Umm anyone else watching My Husband is jot Gay? On TLC........ SSA, not Gay. Huh?!?
    So I watched that show, and I'm still scratching my head like wtf?! So very very odd.
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