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Macklin or Jack for our boy?

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With the last name Morgan. I'm open to both but tend to lean toward Macklin BC so he won't have the same name as 3 boys in his class. Jack is still a classic though.

Macklin or Jack for our boy? 196 votes

Macklin aka Mack
4% 8 votes
95% 188 votes

Re: Macklin or Jack for our boy?

  • Macklin is all sorts of terrible. Suggesting Franklin for a less common name.
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  • Neither. I like PPs suggestion for Franklin. He won't have 3 in his class and it's a great name!
  • Macklin is not good.

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  • Jack by default

    I like Jack as a NN, but not a first name.

    Macklin? WTH?

  • I voted for Jack.

    Macklin is all kinds of terrible. If you want the nn Mac use Cormac. I think Mac as a NN is more commonly derived from the person having a Mac- or Mc- LN. 
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  • I voted Jack very begrudingly. It's so popular right now and is a NN vs a classic.

    But Macklin Morgan is not good. It doesn't sound like a name. I love suggestions of Malcolm and Franklin.
  • What is Macklin?  I guess I can sort of grudgingly accept it as a FN if it's a family name or something, but it sounds ridiculous on its own and much more so with your last name.  I prefer Jack as a NN for John, although it's all right on its own, and in any case it's words better than Macklin.  #40 really isn't that wildly popular.
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  • I just picture Chris Pratt from Parks and Rec.

    "Burt Macklin, FBI"

    This was exactly my thought.
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  • Macklin is a town in my province so that's all it reminds me of.
  • Macklin is so so bad. If you like the nn Mack, maybe you would consider Malcolm?


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  • Neither-- Macklin Morgan is bad and Jack Morgan makes me think of Jack Daniels and Capt. Morgan.
  • Jack or..... Maverick?
  • Disklike Macklin. Why not Malcolm, nickname Mac? This would be much better. 

    Jack Morgan sounds like a character on a soap opera. As you've mentioned yourself, Jack is very popular so there will surely be several in his class. 
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  • Macklin is a last name. Mack Morgan sounds like a last name- McMorgan. Jack is better.
  • Why not just Mack?
  • Jack by far!!!!! Never seen or heard Macklin before in my life and Macklin Morgan doesn't work.
  • I will always have a soft spot for Macklemore for bringing us the song "Same Love," but well, no on Mack Morgan.
  • Jack or..... Maverick?
    Maverick is pretty bad too.
    Wait, what's wrong with Maverick?
  • It's a legitimate question guys, don't FFS me.

    I just behind-the-named it and I think their history is wrong.

    Mavriki is a legitimate Russian name and I always thought Maverick was just the anglicized version of it.
  • Weird. I still wonder if it came over as a transliteration and that history was lost. Oh well.
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