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How big was baby at 20-21 week ultrasound?

How big was baby at 20-12 week ultrasound. I went for mine this week and looked at the ultrasound pictures and the baby was 14.0 cm. The tech didn't say anything about it nor did the doctor. I was wondering if that was normal because I googled the size of baby at 21 weeks and it said 26.7 cm is the average. Would like feedback from anyone.

Re: How big was baby at 20-21 week ultrasound?

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    My son is 12oz. which I was told is normal.
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  • The u/s tech told me they don't do measurements like that at the a/s when I asked her but she went ahead and just measured from head to rump and the baby was 15cm. That seemed normal...the measurements you're seeing on google are probably from head to feet. 

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  • are you sure that wasn't ounces?

    I didn't get a length but he weighed 12 1/2 oz.
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  • Mine was 12oz too with a giant head just like her dad. Yikes.
  • At 19w3d baby was 8oz (3rd percentile) and was 13.8cm.  At my follow up at 23w2d baby grew to 1lb2oz (11th percentile, and I'm not sure of the weight estimate).

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  • I'm not sure what his exact measurements were but he was in the 78% percentile. That means he's bigger than 78% percent of babies at his stage of development! Looks like we're going to have a big boy!
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  • Mine just gave weight 14 oz (20 wks 6 days) they seemd to think everything looked normal so I didn't question.

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  • My doctor told me 12 oz as well. So I'm assuming that's the regular at 20 weeks :)
  • shmeell25 said:

    ramy3 said:

    No idea. Baby is measuring on track and that's all I needed to know.

    Same here. If your doctor didn't say anything about it, I wouldn't worry about it.

    Same for me. We took my MIL to this past appointment & she asked. My dr said its just way to hard to judge but baby looked good. That's all I care about.
  • I didn't get any measurements. They just said baby boy was in the 61st percentile for size.
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  • At 18 weeks baby was 8 oz, 49th percentile.

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  • At my anatomy scan at 19w6d baby weighed approx 11 oz which they said was on track.

  • Baby is measuring a week behind now. DD was IUGR, I meet with my doctor next week to go over A/S and assuming she will want to watch from now to next US to see if she is still measuring small.
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  • baby girl weighed 12oz which is 56% and there was no crown to rump measurement
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  • LO was 15oz at 20wk6days - 54%
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  • Mine was in the 77th percentile which means nothing at this point. :-)
  • I didn't get a length measurement at 20w6d. The boys were 14oz and 15oz. Dr said both around the 60 percentile. But both different weights in the 60%? All was healthy so I didn't question it
  • If there was an issue with growth, the doctor would definitely let you know. At this point with my DS, he measured small so we went about 2x a month for ultrasounds until birth. They would take it pretty seriously if they found a problem!
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  • My baby is in the 98th percentile! I'm having a turkey
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  • TThey said everything looked normal, I just saw it on my scan when I was looking at it printout a while ago, to see if the baby was snall or big compared to numbers, but I think it was crown to rump.

  • 21weeks and our boy is 14oz. He had some chubby legs in the ultrasound picture.
  • 13oz at 21 weeks
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  • At 20 weeks she was 13 oz, 55th percentile and measuring 1 day ahead.
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  • People get so hung up on the exact weight...I only worry if there is something to worry about. Doesn't matter to me how many ounces she is right now as long as she is growing on track. Everyone will be different, just like every pregnancy is different. Trust that your doctor will let you know if there is a problem and don't sweat the small stuff ;)
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  • Baby Boy measured 11oz at 18w3d. I asked if that was big or something and tech said he's measuring 8days ahead of me. As long as he's healthy I'm happy lol. From all your input I guess he was big for that week? I didn't get a length just told he was doing great and that's all I needed/wanted to know ;;)
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  • It could be the size on Google is length from head to toe not head to bum (although not sure how they'd know that). All I know is baby was our boy is 14oz.
  • What Google is giving you is the head to toe measurement not the crown rump measurement that the ultrasound techs measure. There is a big difference. When they mark the top of the head and the bottom of the butt they get the CRL measurement. With legs curled up and such they can't get an accurate measurement of the entire length. Google gives an average length include legs.
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    My baby is in the 98th percentile! I'm having a turkey

    Haha! Mine was around there, too! Ultrasound tech did say that the scan was probably just after a growth spurt! :) Babies apparently grow at different rates. We'll see what we end up with!
    Edited to add: ...hopefully not a turkey ;P but rather a healthy baby! :)


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  • My little boy measured average for everything except for femur length... No great surprise there though DH is 6ft5 and there isn't a single male in the family under 6ft
  • Mine did not estimate size or weight but said it was on track and within the normal range.
  • I never noticed this information was on the print out they gave me. So it says fetal weight estimate-10oz and percentage has ***. I tried to look online and it said I was out of range. I had my u/s at 18w5d. It's expected, but made me giggle. A majority of babies in my family are over 9lbs. My mom had me 10lbs, my brother 9lb14oz, and my sister was slightly over 6 and was a premie.
  • At 19w1d he was 11oz. I asked for the length of the baby and they said they don't measure it this early. The numbers on the US pics aren't correct if that's what you are going by. If your doctor told you everything was fine then I would stress about it.
  • All I remember was that she weighed 16 oz.
  • I went for mine today (20wks6d) and baby weighed 13oz and was in 39th percentile. Dr said baby was right on track and everything looks good!!
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