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I already used my fave boy name :/

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number 3 and I'm having a tough time choosing. Some of these are family names but I just want to get an idea of which names are best received and/or sound the best. Thank you!

I already used my fave boy name :/ 257 votes

Asher Jude
31% 81 votes
August Jude
34% 88 votes
John Jude
2% 6 votes
Andrew Jude, nn Drew
31% 82 votes

Re: I already used my fave boy name :/

  • I loooove Asher.
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  • I love August! DH has a friend who just had a son and named him August. The call him Gus. Love! Love!
  • I voted August Jude. I really like Andrew, but I don't like the "drew" right next to the "jude". It sounds odd to me. Asher is not really my style, but I don't hate it.
  • I voted August Jude, but Jude August would be amazing too
  • Why not Jude Andrew? Or Jude as fn with a different mm.. None of your options flow in my opinion.
  • Voted for Andrew Jude...but I'd prefer Andrew John.

  • My boys are Gregory Michael and Jude Theodore for the sibset. My son Jude is deceased.
  • I'm very sorry for your loss OP. In your case, I think the meaning of Jude is more important than the flow of the name. I chose August Jude.

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  • Personally I don't think any of them sound good with Jude. My favorite fn though is Asher
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  • Jonh Jude = JJ = Awesome!
  • Love Andrew Jude!
  • I'm very sorry for your loss.

    My sister lost her son and gave the feminine form of his mn as her daughter's mn. If you can't find the right fit with Jude, you might could use Theodore again in the mn spot of even as the fn, such as Theodore Andrew.
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    I don't love the flow of Jude with those FNs, but if meaning is more important than flow then go for it. I'm sorry for your loss
  • I love August Jude. I don't really like Augustus but I do think if flows better with Jude.

    Any reason you don't want to use Jude as a fn?
  • Oh I see now why you won't use it as a fn. Very sorry for your loss, I think it's perfect to use his name in the mn spot.

  • Sassenach1743Sassenach1743 member
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    Sorry for your loss OP. Love that you want to use Jude again in honor... My favorite is John Jude with a nickname of JJ, so awesome.

    Agree with previous statements that Andrew does not flow well with Jude. August is just okay, not as good as Jude. Asher is not my style, really don't like. 

    ETA: I realize John was not one of your original choices and an 'A' name seems to be your preference. Upon further consideration I would go with either August or Andrew, but I'd use the nickname AJ instead of Drew or Gus.
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  • Maybe Alexander Jude, Arthur Jude, or Archer Jude? 

    I'm so sorry for your loss, and think that using Jude in the middle spot is a lovely tribute to your angel.
    I love all three of these options as well!
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  • Andrew is my favorite and I don't mind the flow with Jude.

    I remember you posting before because I love all of your names. :x I just love Gregory and Andrew together. Greg and Drew is perfection! 

    Would you consider using Andrew Theodore to honor your son?
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