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What does a positive pregnancy test really look like??


Re: What does a positive pregnancy test really look like??

  • My FRER's at 12 days, 12.5 days, 13 and 14 days passed trigger shot.

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    IUI #2 June 2012 - BFN

    Changed RE's September 2014
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  • Does anyone see a very faint line?!
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  • Faint but there!
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  • Then there's this one I'll plan to use for some close friends and family that have a sense of humor (the pg is coming one week after DH had a vasectomy)! Needless to say.. This was NOT planned!
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  • That's hilarious, @olivebeinmamma! I love your humor. And, I'm pretty sure I have the same countertops.
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  • Mine had two lines instantly. I didn't even pull it up from under me before it already had two dark lines. I was 4 weeks 4 days pregnant. According to my last period. Still waiting on an accurate due date by ultrasound.
  • Mine looked like this!  :)  I'm 9 DPO today.  Implanted two days ago a week after O/conception. :)
    The top is the digital I took last night around 6.  The top one is the BFN I took yesterday with FMU, under that is my first faint positive at 3pm (third pee of the day), and then the last one was from this morning with FMU. :)  It's a positive when you don't have to ask if it's positive is my rule.  Or when you take a pic, use your smart phone, and you can still see the line on every effect.  Or other people tell you.  Or you go get a FR digital and it says YES + 

    Sorry.  I am clearly excited.
  • This is my BFP at 12DPO! Last week. Now 5 weeks 2 days and the test line starts to appear before the urine has soaked all the way up the test and before the control line!! So cool to see that happen!!!
  • This one was at 15 DPO
  • I had first response tell me 5 days before my expected period and no name clear blue styled one yell me the morning it was supposed to start. The first response line was so so SO faint that I thought it might have just been because it was wet. The no name one however that one changed to a plus sign while I was still peeing lol. I would add photos but it won't let me from my phone
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  • congratulations!
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    this was my 9dpo frer  wondfo with evening pee 

    and this was my 10dpo Digital with weeks estimator

  • I have used Clear Blue digital with both pregnancies... they simply say : Pregnant or Not Pregnant. My test with my first child I took when I was roughly 5 weeks pregnant and had a positive result right away. With my current child I was just about 4 weeks pregnant and the result again was positive.
  • Even the most faint line is a positive test :)
  • @BumpJackie this is my positive first response test when I was 4 weeks.  :)
  • B-) image


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  • Maybe it's just me, but the pregnancy Wondfos for me didn't produce much of a visible line until I was more than a week or two from my period.
    Pregnant with #3, after thee, three's complete!!
  • I had a lot of symptoms 6 dpo. Had a faint + @ 11 dpo and 3 positives at 14 dpo also my temperature chart was different this cycle..

    photo IMG_20150122_041248573_HDR-1.jpg

    photo Screenshot_2015-01-22-11-19-09.png
  • Hi I'm new here I have 5 weeks prego and I'm having cramps and headeds It's normal??????!!!!!
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    The first test I took (not pictured) was a First Response and the second pink line was very faint, but it was there.

    I then took a ClearBlue Advanced Digital and ClearBlue +.....

    I guess the digital one doesn't lie...
  • I took a dollar store one and I know why they say to wait 2 minutes! I threw it away and then fished it back out because I wanted to make sure. And there was a super faint line. As it dried, it became more visible. So I took a digital and it was positive. Then took one the next morning and another a few days later.
  • Also, I found out at 3w4d. So very early!
  • I did my test 4 days after my missed period.
  • Dollar store brands work just fine BUT not as strong early on.
  • Hey ladies! Anyone ever try the ones from the Dollar Store?? Just curious! I hate spending so much money on these! I'm getting an inkling and I'm a few days late!
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    I went to dollar general Cheep ones work to now im 10 weeks 29 weeks to go! Super excited to be expecting my first baby :D
  • I took 6 test. The first 6 i took were the Rite Aid brand (stick) and it came out faint. Then i took the First Response a couple days later for it to come out a clear positive. I am now 5 weeks.
  • The first test, a rite aid brand I believe, showed the horizontal control line and a vertical line only in the result window. As in, it showed the line that meant positive but not the other line. It was weird.

    I immediately went out and got myself the most advanced technology I will ever pee on and that one, thankfully, is a no guess operation. In less than 45 seconds it popped up "pregnant". And then, a few hours later, I took the second one in the package for good measure. I still look at them and sometimes I consider doing more tests, if only because it's like a neat magic trick I can do, and also because a big part of me is terrified that I'm making this all up and this is some sort of really impressive hysterical pregnancy.
  • I'm actually really glad I found this post! I'm Ina frenzy now trying to read the tests. I took a first response, dollar tree brand, and walmart brand. After each test, I waited five minutes and there was a faint line, mostly at the top and bottom of the circle and you can hold it up to the light and see it as well. It's not the evaporation line I'm pretty sure, because it appeared quickly. Also I have symptoms bigger belly (I'm normally pretty skinny), missed period, mood swings, and food cravings. The only reason I haven't gone to the doctor yet, is because my husband works everyday and long days so I have no way of getting there without a lot of effort and planning. Any helpful advise?
  • These were 10, 12, and 14 dpo.
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  • Hello, so I am 9 days late with my period and certainly am having the symptoms of being pregnant....but I took a test this past Monday in the afternoon and it was negative. Called my doctor and told her that. She said to take one tomorrow morning FIRST THING....what if it is negative, but I'm still having symptoms???
  • I used 1st Response and had 2 very solid red lines within about 10 seconds. I took it 3 days after my missed period (approx. 17 DPO).

    Test.jpg 967.3K
  • image Quickconception (dot) com
  • Dollar Tree pregnancy test. Faint line. Pregnant. If a test says you're pregnant then you're pregnant, even if the line is faint. There are false negatives, not false positives.
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  • I just had surgery at the beginning of January and was given a pregnancy test that was negative. 3 1/2 weeks later I take a clear blue test it was positive. Depends on the sensitivity of test, at the time of my surgery I was 3 weeks.
  • I always come back to this thread just to re-live that unexplainable feeling of seeing that line appear!!! Mine appeared on a CB immediately. I tested on the evening before AF was due because my temp had spiked!

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