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Paranoid after IVF

....I have 3 children already and DH and i just did our first round of IVF (only bc I have my tubes tied) we got our BFP and I'm currently 6wk6d....BUT I have NEVER been so paranoid durring a pregnancy in my life!!! With every milestone, 1st beta, 2nd beta, 3rd beta, ultrasound...etc I have told myself if this test comes out ok I will stop that all that is done I'm telling myself I'll feel better after I see the OB.....urgh what is wrong with me???
The only thing I can think of is that with this pregnany I read a lot more on the internet..probably because IVF is a new world to me....reading things like posts on various fertility forums and oh Google....has anyone else been in my situation and how did you overcome it???

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  • This is a board for women who have become pregnant after going through infertility. This does not seem to be the best board for you. Good luck with your ultrasound.

    Me: 32 DH: 35  TTC#1 since March 2012
    Dx: Poor Embryo Quality, Arcuate Uterus, Poor Uterine Blood Flow, Mild Endo, 
           Protein S Deficiency, Sjorgen's Syndrome 

    IUI #1-5: BFN
    Laparoscopy & Hysteroscopy: minimal endo, partial septoplasty
    IVF #1: 10R/6M/6F ~ Day 3 ET = BFN
    IVF #2: 14R/9M/5F ~ transfer canceled ~ all embryos arrested at 1-2 cell stage
    IVF #3: 9R/5M/5F ~ 1 frosty!
    IVF #4 (FET #1): BFN

    IVF #5 (DE IVF #1 with Dr. KK protocol): Currently PREGNANT!!!!!!
    Synthroid + Prednisone + Metformin + Baby Aspirin + Supplements Galore = 15+ pills a day
    Lupron + Lovenox + Delestrogen + IVIG + B/W = 2-5 pokes a day
    19R, 17M, 17F - transferred two Grade A blasts 11/16, four frosties!!!
    Beta #1 11/24 (13dpo/8dp5dt) = 367 ~ Beta #2 11/26 (15dpo/10dp5dt) = 709
    Beta #3 11/29 (18dpo/13dp5dt) = 1,997 ~ Beta #4 12/1 (20dpo/15dp5dt) = 3,403


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    Is there a pregnancy after infertility treatment board? Is this not it...because I'm not really sure what board to go to since this is a pregnancy after IVF, which is a fertility treatment...this isn't just a normal pregnancy for me I'm confused on what board this belongs in?

  • mykrazikidzmykrazikidz member
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    Thank you for that explanation! I figured this was the only place for me to post where there are woman who have been through the same "treatment" as I have regardless of what the reason for treatment (ivf) was, especially as woman in the "normal" pregnancy forums cannot relate as they majority of them have not been through IVF! I didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings!

    Just to explain yes I do have three children from a previous marriage and durring that marriage I did chose to have my tubes tied (due to personal issues within that marriage). I am currently remarried and my husband has no children...this is the reason we chose to go with IVF.

    I have several friends that have fertility issues and are unable to have children without IVF, many who like yourselves have gone through many cycles. After going through a round of IVF I cannot imagine what you all have had to go through.....I cannot imagine having to go through the loss...and i sympathize deeply with all woman that have fertility issues and especially thoes who go through IVF cycle after IVF cycle, as it was a very stressful and took a toll on my husband and I both.

    All that being said I am just looking for advise from people who have been through the same treatment as I had gone through...I honestly wasn't looking to hurt anyone, create Ill feelings, or make people feel IF I did I do apologize!
  • Thanks you for the advise!!! I appreciate the words of encouragement!!!
  • Congratulations. FYI Secondary IF board is not for you because you already have a BFP. Their board is for those trying to get there who already have one or more children. I was on that board before this one

    I think you are in the right place, just on a different road to get here.
    Me: 35 DH: 35 - Married 10 years
    PCOS and MF

    Two failed rounds IUI in 2010
    IVF #1 in 2011 - BFP 8/5/11 - Our IVF miracle was born 4/8/12
    FET 9/23/13; BFP -Twins-10/3/13; EDD 6/10/14; MC 11/1/13; D&C 11/4/13
    FET 3/28/14; BFN - 4/7/14
    IVF #2 - Transfer 2 embryos 11/14/14; BFP 11/24/14 - Beta 265;
    11/26/14 - Beta 612; 11/28/14 - Beta 1263; 12/1/14 - Beta 3571;
    12/3/14 - first u/s - two gestational sacs; 12/17/14 - two healthy heartbeats (132 and 134)
    Our IVF miracles were born 7/16/15

  • I got pregnant with my DS after our first round of IVF. We had been trying for over a year and Clomid was unsuccessful. That being said, I was a nervous wreck my entire pregnancy. I didn't tell anyone but immediate family and friends that I was pregnant until I was about 7 months along. I was suoer anxious going into every appointment and didn't feel like I was really ok until baby was born.
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