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2nd Trimester

What to wear??!

The hubs and I are thinking about moving back to his hometown soon (to be closer to family, so that he can have better luck finding a job, etc.) We're planning on visiting, looking for housing, looking for work in February, and I need help deciding what to wear to potential interviews!

I'm leaning toward straight leg black pants and a boatneck top. Whenever I show chest, I look like a weeble wobble.
What would you wear?
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Re: What to wear??!

  • Black slacks and layers! lol
    It may appear like there could be some weight gain but the bump is not so obvious. I started a new job last month. At 22 weeks now, I am about ready to let them know I'm pregnant. But that's been my way to camo the belly lol in the interim. Yet I'm so proud to bare it at home.
    My favorite work outfit is black slacks, winter sweater and a shrug over it.
    That is if you don't want potential interviewers to know .... Just yet!
    Good luck!!!
  • PS I have the same issue w my chest. I feel your pain lol
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  • Black anything.

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  • Yep, black anything no stripes! Stripes only make you look bigger. =)
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  • I have been wearing a lot of the open front / drapey front sweaters a la


    But with a clasp in them. For the most part I think it hides the bulge quite a bit, or at least makes it sort of a "is she chunky or pregnant" situation so it's at least not obvious. FWIW I'm 18w with my second so my belly is pretty obv. generally.

    And slim black pants. I figure if I emphasize the skinny parts of me it will further the illusion that I'm not pregnant...just wearing a voluminous sweater!
  • I would recommend wearing a black blazer and pants with a conservative top. I volunteer as a personal shopper at Dress For Success and it is highly recommended to wear a suit combination to any interview. And blazers are great with bumps. Check out Pinterest for style ideas. Good luck
  • Thanks guys! Great advice!
    This is my 3rd baby, so even though I'm only 20 weeks, there's no hiding this little dude!
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