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Names have been drawn! For real this time!!


Re: Names have been drawn! For real this time!!

  • I have mixed feelings about it. I love participating in these but now I'm not so sure. :-/
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  • I don't think we will be participating anymore. I have loved being involved with them in the past though.
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  • I don't know (and can't guess/figure out) what happened and I've read the threads. So I'm indifferent because I'm not fully educated.
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  • I got my package! As you know, mine was sent last week - I think my ss is out of town!

    I would still do exchanges
  • I would still keep doing them.
  • I'd go for it


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    @haddocky, Long story short: Tried to make me out to be the reason why they wouldn't come to the gtg. (Did this to someone else the time before) Talked crap about people that I thought were their friends via FB IM. When confronted, pretended that what they wrote was "accidental" "they meant something else".
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  • Sending my box tomorrow. Had issues with our UPS outlet back home.



  • I don't know (and can't guess/figure out) what happened and I've read the threads. So I'm indifferent because I'm not fully educated.

    Thank you!!

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  • Home and have a box!!! @Lelo2006‌
    :) thank you!!! Everything is perfect! Will post pics when Vinny is awake with his new jammies :)


  • My SS should be getting theirs next week. It's en route!


  • Probably late to the party but I loved participating and, if you ladies don't mind finding a way to get things over here, then I'd do it again...
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  • @Hollandmama - I just got your card. You're so so sweet thank you SO MUCH xoxoxoxoxo


  • I don't know the full story but I love the exchanges and still want to be involved


  • @lancomechica‌ glad you liked everything!
  • @vikingsfan711‌ we received your card and gift yesterday! I can't wait to try out the jamberry, I haven't used them before but Ive been wanting to try them. Lily and I are going shopping for new jammies this weekend! Thank you so much for your generosity and kindness :x
  • @KMRR86‌ I'm so glad it finally made it there!!! It's insane how long normal shipping takes to get something to where you want it. I love Jamberries, they are my new addiction, so I was hoping you would like them too. I'm so sorry Lilly didn't have a present like everyone else to open- I still feel like a failure, and I'm actually crying as I type this :( however I hope you find something you love shopping this weekend, then that will help make up for it. I was actually going to give it another week- I figured a month tops, although that's still crazy and then send you another card.

    oh my gosh, please don't feel like a failure! Wipe those tears! It's all ok. I promise! Everything worked out in the end and all is well. You're too kind :x >:D< :D
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  • Yay!!! So glad it came! I'm so sorry I'm so late! :kissing_heart:

  • missymr said:
    Squeeeeee!!!!!!! I just got a box of goodies from @lancomechica‌ ! Such adorable pajamas and all sorts of chocolate goodies (including homemade chocolate peanut butter balls which are divine!). Must hide before DH gets home!!! DH is totally going to love the football Jammies. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Your card is lovely. Beautiful family.
    Glad you got it and liked it!!  I tried to mail it back home and the UPS place would not mail international so I just waited and did it when we got back from vacation.  Sorry to make you wait so long :)


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  • @Mangie717‌ Dude!! HE'S TOO STINKIN CUTE! Love it! :) Glad y'all liked your things! I so wanted to get myself some glitter nail polish but Jae would just pick it off lol

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