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Naps vs. night time sleep

We're having some sleep issues and I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same or has advice.

E still naps every day for close to 3 hours. Days when he naps, he stays up in his bed making noise (happy noises) for up to 2 hours past bed time some nights.

Nap is typically 1pm and bed is 8pm.

He skipped nap yesterday because DH thinks he doesn't need them anymore but he was falling asleep at dinner. He went to bed immediately last night and slept in until 8am when he usually wakes up at 7.

I wish the kid would just sleep for an hour or hour and a half in the afternoons. I tried waking him today at the 2 hour mark when he was making noise but he was out like a light. This is him most days. And on week days we're always in the car driving home at 1pm from school so he always falls asleep in the car and transfers to his bed easily.

Should I just enforce nap at 1pm still and just make sure he wakes up earlier?
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Re: Naps vs. night time sleep

  • I also would try the nap with an early wake up.

    Wesley takes a 2 hour nap at daycare monday thru. Friday from 1145 to about 2. He then goes to bed at 9 pm if im lucky.

    On the weekend however he hates sleep im lucky if i can get him to nap for twenty minutes and then he is a whiny mess and still doesn't go down for bed until 9.


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  • Omg this thread makes me feel so much better.  We have notsogreat sleep as well.  L naps from 1-2:30/3 and then we put him down at 8pm and he plays in bed for 1-1.5 hours!  He's then up at 6/6:30 and sometimes up once or twice a night.  Not enough sleep for anyone!  He starts going to school in the afternoons twice a week in a few weeks so I am going to try to move the nap up to 11-12.

    Also HI ALL.

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  • @BeaF12 Sending you a PM!  L is doing well!

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  • I would also try to shorten the nap.  What I do if I want him to wake up is the same as a PP mentioned, crack the door open a bit, with the hallway light on, make a little noise, kind of let him wake himself on his own timeline.

    R naps for 2 hours daily, usually 2 to 4pm.  He sleeps from 7:30pm to 6:30am.  He needs sleep or is he a crabby, whiny, mess.  And then we all are.

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  • C naps anywhere from 1-3 hours. I always let her wake up on her own unless I can't avoid it, bc she is the debbil if woken up before she is ready. Some days she doesn't really nap if we are busy/out, but she does ok, but then is a crabass by dinner. So I think generally she still needs to nap. And I do my best to not keep her up past bedtime (745-800) bc she is up at 630 every morning, no matter what.
  • @BeaF12‌ @LexiSophie55‌ Yesterday when I heard him stir at 4pm (2 hrs after nap), I went in to gently wake him. I rubbed his back, patted him, talked to him... Kid was OUT. So I'm not sure the gentle wake approach will work lol. He's a bear.

    So DH and I remembered last night having this problem with DS1 but he was a lot older, like 3.5. DS1 was a crazy long napper until he was a few months into 4 years old. And when I started going in to wake him up, I really had to work hard to wake him!

    E fell asleep today at 12:50 in the car when we went to pick up DS1 from school. Hoping he's up by 3 but if not I'll wake him up. Hopefully being back to our normal routine will help.
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  • And thanks for all your input!
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  • I'd agree - shorten the nap.

    When they are babies, more sleep during the day = better sleep at night, but now they are more like real people, where more sleep during the day = worse sleep at night.

    But the midday nap is still so important if they need it, and it gets them through the day. So don't let him sleep beyond 2 hours, or 1.5, whatever works for you.

    One way I use to get T awake, if the gentle approach doesn't work, is to carry her around outside. She'll soon forget that she's trying to get back to sleep and start chatting about trees or birds or something.
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  • DS is going through this now too. It's like we're screwed if he naps and we're screwed if he doesn't. We've been really trying to cut out the naps now. If he ends up napping he's up until 11pm! We never had this problem with DD so we're just trying to go with the flow.
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  • My kids seem to both be giving up naps. My nearly 5 year old has been okay to skip them from time to time for quite a while but is just now ready to be totally done. Norah naps about 1/2 the time and we have to keep them
    Short. Both are required to have quiet time.

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  • Agreed, I'd shorten the nap. I wake R up if she makes it to the 3 hour mark for a nap (maybe once a week), though it really doesn't make a huge difference with her nighttime sleep. 

    Typically she sleeps 8pm-7:30am, and naps 1pm-3pm. 
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