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Consignment shops?

Can anybody rec consignment shops that carry maternity?

 A few months ago, I was convinced that I just was not going to get pregnant again- we had been trying for so long and I was really emotional about it. I gave away almost every piece of maternity clothing I owned. I have literally the two outfits I wore to the hospital when my boys were born.

I have been to a couple shops, but what they had was not exactly in the best shape. I'm hoping that someone that doesn't live as far north as me might have some better places to try. H is going to poo a brick if I have to start all over again, lol!


Re: Consignment shops?

  • Kid 2 Kid in Fort Worth carries maternity.  Good luck and congrats!!!
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  • I know some people have found some stuff at Goodwills. When are you due?
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  • Thanks, I will have to check them out.

     I am due in August, but tend to go full blown maternity around 10 wks

  • I got awesome stuff on Criagslist. It was like 15 bottoms and 20 tops for $60!
  • How far north are you?  There is a cutie Patootie in West Frisco by Teel and Main. Another place I went to was the Kids 2 Kids in Plano. 
  • What size are you?  I've still got some maternity stuff if it will fit you.  We aren't planning on another baby and I really don't think it should hang out in my closet.  :)
  • Congrats!  I know of one in Lewisville that carries maternity, but that's a little out of the way. You should also check the baby section of your local walmart, mine has a maternity clothes section now and has pretty good prices on tops and such :)
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