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Baby's Cough Won't Go Away

Quick question for y'all, and I know the first answer will be to "Call the doctor," but I've already done that and I just need some peace of mind since they're closed through the holiday.

My daughter is 6.5 months old and caught a little cold around Thanksgiving. Her only symptoms at the time were a runny nose, some chest congestion, and a phlegmy cough. No fever or appetite changes. The runny nose has since gone away, but she's still got that phlegmy rattle in her chest and a bit of a whistle when she inhales. The cough gets much worse at night to the point that she's losing sleep, but she doesn't appear to be struggling for breath or in any sort of pain at all. She's an incredibly happy baby, so maybe she's just not vocalizing her pain, but I would imagine that if it was really bothering her, she'd cry, right?

Called the doc today, the on-call nurse said to just keep an eye out for worsening symptoms, but do any of you have an recommendations for how I might be able to help her sleep better at night? The cool-mist vaporizer isn't doing the trick, nor does saline spray. Poor little thing!


Re: Baby's Cough Won't Go Away

  • She's probably got a lot of post nasal drip that needs to dry up, which is why her cough is worse at night. When their noses are so little and pretty well flat and they've got mucous in their adenoids and dripping down into their throat, a humidifier probably won't help (won't hurt though). 

    You kind of just have to wait it out. Keep up with the saline solution and try to suction at the same time. Try propping her up on an incline for sleeping. 
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  • My daughter had the phlegmy cough and it ended up being bronchiolitis! It only went away with treatments. Her coughing never bothered her.. just me so we took her in and found out what it was. 
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  • Oh my! That sounds awful - poor thing. Was your daughter's bronchiolitis following a cold? My 3-yr old has the same cough, but ONLY at night, so now I'm wondering if it's maybe something in their room?! She doesn't have any phlegm at all. I'm so confused!
  • My son had the same thing. Try baby vicks on the bottom of feet at night as well as put a pillow under the mattress at baby's head to prop up enough to beat the post nasal drip.
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